Arudipto Dasgupta’s ‘SMELL’ is getting a theatre release very soon

Coronavirus has stopped us from going to the multiplexes and theatres for over a half year. But now the theatres are reopening with huge losses. Even the big-budget Hindi films are now getting released on OTT platforms. Still, there are some directors who have promised to show the film on the silver screen just like before. Director Arudipto Dasgupta’s all-new thriller film titled “SMELL” is getting a theatre release very soon. Starring Amit Chanda & Sayeri Saha, the film is produced by Raj Mallick. The film will also feature Joy Sengupta, Indranil Sengupta, Subrata Dutta, and many more.

Sanjay Das, the story and scriptwriter of ‘SMELL’ explains, “Durbar, a reputed painter was one day killed in his own house. The detective who was assigned to the case could not find any clues for the murder. Even the weapons used in the killing did not match with the suspects. And that’s when the SMELL comes to the play. It is the smell of Durbar’s paintings that helps the detective to catch the criminal. After many ups and downs and puzzling moments, the killer remains uncaught. And just when the case is about to be closed, the detective finally gets to the criminal. The scent of surgery has never been unfaithful to the senses, not even today.”

The audiences soon will see a true murder mystery on the silver screen. ‘SMELL: A Mystery Behind A Picture’ will hit the theatres near you very soon.

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