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Today I’m going to be reviewing South’s new movie Aruvam. see we are all full of stories that celebrate the idea of opposites attract but Aruvam takes things a bit too far. Jyoti has anosmia or the inability to perceive order she smacks on rotten biryani restaurants want to throw away and her Monday begins with the burial of a decomposed Caracas of a dead dog but a heightened sense of smell is her lover.

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Jagan’s superpower all he has to do is just sniff the food he’s about to eat to be able to break down its chemical components its recipe and if it’s been underrated. I mean I know love is blind but let’s not get sentimental about it, but our war isn’t about the scent of this woman it isn’t that ambitious it’s
what you’d call a gastronomic supernatural romantic social vigilante thriller.

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The supernatural comes from the point that much of the film’s early portions revolves around a haunted banyan tree that strangles anyone who tries to take a leak on it it’s a social front because Jagan first falls for Jyoti when he spots her freeing a parrot from an astrologist cage. which is also romantic in a way and it’s also a thriller because our Imam has an uncanny ability to hold its audience hostage through much of its running time making a film about a person without a sense of smell seems interesting enough but you don’t spend most of the time in the first half establishing the earthís condition only for it to be magically fixed without of having any bearing on the film whatsoever.

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Why does such a film then transform into our lecture series one could title food safety Carter great
hotel hygiene and the origins of the tikka danaiah we then get standard-issue villains a gender-fluid ghost and an inane second half which is basically a medley of WTF moments aside from the realization that said that could still play lead there to make boys today our room has nothing to offer and by the end of it you’re almost envious of Jyoti had we been in her shoes the film have just been an assault on four of our senses.

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