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Akshay kumar latest film Bell Bottom download leaked on piracy sites and has been just launched in theaters. But after release, bad news comes for actor-director and other crews. Bell bottom download link is leaked on and also in torrent sites. Actor akshay says it is very bad news for me I will take action against all the piracy owners. But in the flood of films, another film has emerged, now it has gone there, but this time also it is able to survive or sink, you will know in this review the film is bell bottom, in this decade, the showy good between India and Pakistan In the midst of relations, how Pakistan was creating a game of terrorism by getting the plane hijacked, it is shown in this film.

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And because of this, he used to get his demand fulfilled by the Government of India. Normally, the screenplay has a special role in making every film special, but in pie films, its importance increases more because what the audience is, they start watching the film with an expectation that here we get an unmatched filling moment of suspense and action. The mixture will be seen and in this way for a while Even if the story slows down, then the audience starts getting disconnected from the film, the beginning of the album will be corrected by the screenplay which came out of Expectation and if Akshay Kumar is there in it, then it increases because before that he has given very good films like Baby Holiday.

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If you sit with the same expectation, then you will feel a little disappointed, but by sitting and watching a movie, the expectation ends when you sleep, in between you get a chance to talk on the phone, check Facebook, start chatting on WhatsApp So what is this film, it does not manage to hold on to the rate, till the first half, the film does not survive due to slow screenplay, although the script was such that if the screenplay was supported, the film could have performed better but slow.

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The story progressing at a fast pace does not impress you, there is a sight of the poor screenplay when a small director can’t hide it when Akshay Kumar and he are saved for tomorrow, and that too from the angle of the film. This understanding is shown in It becomes easy that he is the person on whom the film will try to maintain a little suspense, it is revealed before this time whether the audit has been done nowadays whether your suspense becomes good dung because it has the best and At that time Indira Gandhi PM credit will be given but still some places are indicated that Congress used to support Pakistan Indira Gandhi holds a meeting and with IB I start remembering that picture which It used to be viral on the internet, Indira Gandhi used to sit on her seat but everyone used to stand in front of her because she did not even have a chair in front of her, that someone should sit on it, meet all the officers here or play their role from the picture.

He did not try to tamper much with the comedy that he does in between, he was also seen doing it there but was creating a hindrance in the screen, which even Akshay Kumar could not handle as much as you about the role of Vaani Kapoor. Hope she is right Naka films koi kaam hai last a scene gives his role a little more visibility One of the two or three things that you will remember even after the film is over, Lara Dutta’s make-up can be appreciated and her work is also OK Huma Qureshi in a guest appearance, she also doesn’t impress much Okay hope In a room that sounds good, you have a point, the way it has been used comes on the screen, especially we come not only from Gandhi’s land, we also come from Bose’s land.

Come, even the actors playing negative characters are not able to leave much impact. Direction is very important if the director kept a close eye on every department of the film, then this good script could have made a great film but it did not happen End of the Day Film Blue’s expectation remains though the film has Akshay Kumar background music and some good performances. Six dialogues save the film from sinking a bit from my side to start the film a nice day.

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