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Today we will talk about newly released bollywood film Dial 100. In lead roles you will see manoj bajpayee, Skashi Talwar, and neena gupta. The Dial 100 Film is directed by Rensil D’Silva. The film duration is a total 1 hour 40 minutes, film context is drama/thriller.

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Dial 100 movie has a good moral message but this is an average film. If you are a thriller movie lover and watch many movies in the thriller genre, then this film will disappoint you, for you, this film is a below-average film. ‘crime Karne wale se jyada gunegar use chupane wala hota hai’ i know you have lisen this lines in many films, this moral message line also in this film.

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The only positive point of this film is the moral message otherwise the film is not good. The climax of the film is super you will shocked definitely. And the climax also very goodly delivers the moral message of the film. But only with the message you cant depend on the whole film. The negative point or drawback is the predictability of the film scenes. If you watched the whole trailer you will know what gonna happened.

Not Inkar 24 Hours From The Date Line Of Tirpan Khan Released In 2006 And Knockout Of 2010 Form Khan These Are Some Of The Movies Which Are Not Completely But Similar To This Film I.e. Dial 100’s Team I Understand Na you mean where innocent people are forced to do some wrong thing but actually villains are the victims in such films, in this some other text of films like denial may be similar to dial hundred Mother and helpless parents moving towards a crime On a call to the police control room on a rainy night in Mumbai, this entire film is the best. Manoj Bajpai, Neena Gupta and Sakshi Tanwar are in the lead roles of the film.

Doesn’t give a chance and in a while before the story could be revealed what is the matter, you will already understand the whole story, so here it could have been a little better on the screen that the script was made in such a way that the suspense for a long time It was not meant to be created, it meant to reveal to the audience that the real story was to be told. What is it, but the problem was that before the film opens the door of suspense for you, Daya breaks through the door and enters, that is, you yourself will understand that suspense, it is known from the trailer itself that the police control of Mumbai The story of the room is where a call comes from a lady who wants to talk to the PI of there ie Manoj Bajpai itself, Nikhil Suicide case and as if police control few words to handle the suicide in such case It is said that it is wrong to do this as if I can understand your problem, what will happen to your family after you, I have also done this kind of job, so I know all this very well even before it happens Days start coming and then some scenes are left out from the beginning of the climax, then I found the story very simple, if you look at it from the point of view of typical Bollywood films, then the story is different but it is definitely made on such a theme that you must have read the story beforehand.

Will understand one thing I would like to say that the climax of the film was unexpected, I did not think so, just a What makes a thing a little different, where is the film complete until two or four abuses come out of the mouth of Manoj Bajpai and anyway when it came to know that the film would be released in theaters, separately shot some abusive scenes of Manoj Bajpayee.

Talking about acting, Manoj Bajpai’s character was not worth doing anything extra, but you know this is an actor who is nothing, I also mix something or the other and do something good, then play by him many times. She can be seen in a few scenes in the role of a gone cop where she leaves after acting but Manoj Bajpai has looked better, the rest was not even a different character and she does a common sector in which she performs her best.

But here she is seen in a negative shade but as I told her character is taken soon, her work is good by her, definitely does a little more in the last direction will be a weak script Screenplay if part of the film is also somewhere in the direction Talking about the film, there is no shortage, during college, there is a Music has been used which does the rest too much busy m is not used Tickets are needed which keep the audio tied but it seems to be tight but having only a few can’t increase the weight of the whole movie The rest can definitely say that this film is definitely a bit different from many similar Bollywood films and if Manoj Bajpayee is there in the film, it is time to watch the film, this film can be seen from my side.

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