Bengal govt employees & pensioners eligible for pay cabin treatment in state hospitals

All state employees and pensioners covered under the health scheme of West Bengal government will be eligible to avail treatment in the pay cabins of government hospitals irrespective of their pay scale. This was stated in an amended directive published by the state finance department.
The pay cabins have been introduced recently in some of the government hospitals of the state that will provide quality treatment like private hospitals but at a much lesser price. As the government hospitals are state funded, the cost of treatment in the pay cabins will be far less.
Earlier, the finance department had allowed treatment in pay cabins for only a section of the employees above a certain pay scale. This had left out a large number of employees and pensioners ineligible for admission in the pay cabins of government hospitals.
Under the new directive, employees in the slab of Rs. 17,000 to Rs 45,000 and pensioners in the slab of Rs. 8,500 to Rs 22,500 will be eligible for admission in such cabins.
Single and double occupancy cabins are included in the scheme. Patients will further be able to select among small and big cabins for themselves.

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