Bhoot Police Full Movie Download: Bhoot Police 1080P Hindi Movie Leaked by Filmyzilla

Saif Ali Khan’s most awaited movie Bhoot Police is released today in theaters and it is doing good business. Still makers of this film are unhappy because the film Bhoot Police download link is leaked on piracy site Filmyzilla as well as many torrent sites. Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam starrer Bhoot Police which is going to steam on Dosti Plus Hotstar platform from today Hello Friends Welcome to Official You must have understood that if you have not subscribed tomorrow then watch this video Must do soon after Bhoot Police is a horror-comedy, it is the story of two brothers Vibhuti and Chironji Vibhuti i.e.

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Saif Ali Khan and Chironji means Arjun Kapoor, both of these brothers are tantric and drive away ghosts, now Vibhuti i.e. Saif Ali Khan takes him for fun Know that ghosts don’t happen, that’s why he wants to send people foolishly, who is the younger brother, ghosts are spirits, there is some ghost spirit soul, because of which he is afraid to work on the cassette, then are these two brothers ghost spirit souls It has been told that we are able to free the tea estate from it, so in summary, this story is the first to come, that is, the story has written the story of this film to England and its screenwriter Sumit Bhatija and Pooja Ladda something like this in the story of cotton.

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It is not even that your interest in making the infection first 5 10 minutes of drama, you realize it is very easy writing and writing is very work, so story 10 minutes hold your interest rate of interest could not be made at all, this type of story is and to be told. It is a horror-comedy but neither the audience is scared nor laughing in it, so the screenplay which is written by three people together is very weak, very weak, nothing is understood whether any scene is comedy or any serious is very People like to find weak screenplays Provided By as I said earlier, that is not the case in this film because you hardly have a place or two to laugh and logical things are going on but holiday audio tu bhi bhi kar karta hai Saif Ali Khan Very-Very is a good actor but does not rule over the script, who became Police Inspector Chhedilal, he was not given anything special to do Rajpal Yadav Google Baba is Mistry at Least Ali Toofani Rupesh Tillu who became Vinod.

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And there are many others whose work will be considered ordinary, so it is only to be talked about. What happens now is a little up and down, a little weak but handles it with his style, here the election will also be considered weak Jai Krishna is quite fine and a month between Javed Karim’s action and stunt scene function and superstition Sa thread is a ghost or not, it is still a topic of discussion and amidst this belief and superstition, the script of the film Bhoot Police has been written, know in details about the film Horror comedy in Stree film for some time.

It has set such a goal that no other film has been able to reach there at the moment like I have said before that it is not easy to make a horror-comedy film, it is such a subject that a little bit here or a little bit. On the other hand, more or less it happened that it does not take long to make fun of the film and there is such a John that while watching the film you know that the fear excitement is going to fail in the film, you already know that we have a chance to laugh a lot.

But when horror comedies which are opposite to each other are mixed then be very careful There is a need to unite with where to put comedy, where to put it and how much comedy should be put in the horror scene that it is completely comedy films of horror comedy, both of these quantities have been taken care of today. ki is presented in a much better way than comedy and was also not a good contribution and did not manage to do as per choti and chironji both do the business of exorcism from fraud giri elder brother Vibhuti does not believe in ghosts at all and He believes that nothing like this happens at all But while speaking, his Bhojpuri tone seems a little different, now we are your brothers, that’s why we love you, that is, instead of me, we speak love instead of love, all these points towards Bhojpuri language, after this it Both of them reach Dharamsala to do a case and here are the two heroines of the film with whom To drive away from the ghost from the state, find the fake ghost of the witch or not and is it really a witch brother, is it someone’s prank or a conspiracy, it can all be seen in the hands, let’s see what day it is or the night scene.

They are showing, they are showing, they are starting to take off the glasses, it works a lot, but even through visual dialogues, there is not much laughter. Talking about acting, Saif Ali Khan has tried well, he has done comedy. And horror has played both well but they could have been better if they had got the support of good dialogues, Arjun Kapoor again has not been seen doing anything different, his character was different from before but there was nothing in this role that There was no scope to make an impression and neither Arjun Kapoor took the character to a different level by putting some of his inputs Jacqueline Fernandez has seen a victim of overacting Why a Dharamsala girl talks like British Her American accent has deliberately left her Or she always speaks like this, it has to be understood whether or not the ghost becomes a witch.

Your acting can’t be judged because after becoming a witch, all the responsibility goes away and it’s nice to see the color change of the eyes. It can be seen that the witch is seen inside who is inside the kiss and there is something else that was not needed and well-done comedy and comedy.

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