BJP leader Sabyasachi Dutta may be showcaused for making “anti-party statements”

Dutta had spoken on "BJP's failure" to the media.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sabyasachi Dutta may be showcaused for making statements against the party. Interestingly, the talks on such a possibility has come up on the day BJP vice president Mukul Roy and his son re-joined the Trinamool Congress. Dutta is known to be close to Roy and his “return” to Trinamool is not ruled out either.

After the landslide victory of Trinamool Congress under Mamata Banerjee’s leadership, Dutta had spoken to the media and said that the BJP had failed to project a Bengali leader who could match up to Mamata Banerjee. He considered this to be the main reason for BJP’s lack of success in West Bengal Assembly polls 2021, and he also added that the party’s central leadership had spoken in a language that the people of Bengal could not relate to.

These statements were considered by many in the BJP to be “anti-party” comments. Some complaints were filed against Dutta before the party leadership in this respect. At a recent meeting called by BJP state chief Dilip Ghosh, Dutta had raised this issue, but there are allegations that Ghosh was not very eager to listen to the grouses and Dutta was stopped midway. After the meeting, Sabyasachi Dutta had spoken to the media what he had to say, but could not tell his state chief. With these comments made publicly, several complaints have gone to the BJP leadership that may soon lead to showcause notice to Dutta, a section of BJP leaders said.