All those entering the West Bengal Legislative Assembly premises for the session on September 9 and 10 — including all MLAs, employees and journalists — will have to get mandatory COVID-19 test. West Bengal Speaker Biman Banerjee made the announcement ahead of the session, and mentioned other measures and precautions to be taken.

Banerjee said that a medical team comprising doctors will be present in the Assembly premises and reports of the tests will be out within half an hour. The state Assembly will conduct a rapid antigen test, which gives a clear picture of whether a person has COVID-19 or not. Only after the reports are out, will the persons tested be allowed to enter. This applies to all MLAs, employees and journalists (the latter who will enter the premises for reporting on the Assembly session). Doctors at the venue will suggest the next course of action if someone tests positive.

The Speaker added that tests will start from September 8 (and continue within the given time till September 9 and 10) so that there is enough time for testing everyone. He added that social distancing must be maintained for the session, and seats have been arranged accordingly, and marked for all MLAs with their names, numbers and name of Assembly constituencies. MLAs will be allowed to enter 10 minutes ahead, so that they can locate their seats (they will also be given a detailed copy of seating arrangement) and the session can start on time.

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