Cyber Security Scope in India: Life Behind the Firewall 

In India, each company is targeted with a cyberattack every 11 seconds on average. This is a staggering statistic that underlines the grave danger we are in currently. As technology encompasses our lives, the more we are at the mercy of software, the more tempting it is for people to hunt and hurt us.

Existing in a time like this, businesses must secure the data entrusted to them and prepare a defence from the start. The investment into cybersecurity matches the need of the moment. The investment for securing the IT sector has grown from USD 1.97 billion in 2019 to almost USD 3 billion in 2020. Losses due to Cyber breach happen to be USD 18.3 million approx yearly. Hence, taking up cyber security as a career option is becoming more and more imperative.

To become a cyber security expert one has to prepare for the JEE Main exam, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, and etc. Students can also apply for diploma courses as well which requires an undergraduate degree or work experience.

What is Cybersecurity?

Like a security personnel guarding something valuable, cybersecurity protects the data and information system in our computers. Through a firewall and engineered defence, you can protect assets from illegitimate logins and malicious codes.

Our phones and computers are machines after all, and the chances of it being in danger cannot be overestimated. The best way to protect your personal information and your business data is by investing in cybersecurity.

A Career in Cybersecurity

A developing India with technology at its forefront is a ground for immense opportunity, and the cyber sector happens to be a leading white-collar job creator. Trained personnel offering security against security breaches, hackers, cyber-attacks and malware protection are in great demand. While many online courses can help you get off the ground and hone your skills, it is essential to understand the gravity of the job and invest in a high-value course accordingly. Students can take up exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, and others to pursue cybersecurity courses.

Cybersecurity Courses in India

Cybersecurity as a course in India and has been adopted under the curriculum by many well-reputed institutions. A cybersecurity course teaches the art of identifying computer vulnerabilities and recognizing digital exploitation. Through training, aspirants can prevent huge blunders and completely subvert the company from huge losses, both of data and of money. Some of the courses are –

  • BSc in Cyber Security
  • BTech in Cyber Security
  • MTech – Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals by eDX, and etc.

Cybersecurity Course Eligibility

Cybersecurity (Undergraduates)

  • 12th completion with Maths, Chemistry and Physics as main subjects from nationally recognized board/university.
  • A minimum 50% score in 12th standard.

Cybersecurity (Postgraduate)

  • Bachelors in Cybersecurity with at least 50% of the score.
  • Score requirement as per the college demand.

Cybersecurity Entrance Exam

There are a number of exams that you can appear in to qualify for a course in cybersecurity. The entrance exams determine the academic and technical knowledge of the aspirant. Here are two of the most important entrance exams.

  1. JEE Main Exam: The JEE Main exam determines the admission list of NITs, IITs and other universities across the country.
  2. JEE Advanced: JEE advanced scores can help you get a seat in any leading cybersecurity course in the country.

Cybersecurity Skill Set

Cybersecurity experts aren’t your regular engineers or computer experts. There are unique skills that a cybersecurity expert must possess. Here are some of them:

  1. Programming: It is one of the basic skills required. The need for programming as a skill cannot be underestimated. Candidates must be fluent in understanding the programming language and reduce the attacks on the system posed by malware.
  2. Cloud security: The number of cybercrimes is increasing by the day, and deep knowledge of cloud security is a must for a cybersecurity expert.
  3. Risk analysis: A vision to analyse the priorities on the go and understand the gravity of the risk is an essential skill for a cybersecurity expert. They must also be able to track and compile risks for future management.
  4. Security Analysis: One of the essential skills is to analyse security parameters and share honest insights with the team and businesses. The skill also includes constant feedback to build a robust system for businesses.
  5. Malware and analysis reversing: Studying the history of attacks and preparing a brief over past performance is a skill worth having for a cybersecurity expert.

Top Cyber Security Jobs in India

Scoring good scores in JEE Main Exam and other qualifying exams is essential for admissions to cybersecurity courses. The cybersecurity profession is one of the most in-demand jobs right now. With the right educational background and training, graduates can secure excellent job opportunities for themselves. Here are some of the best cybersecurity jobs in India.

Job Role & Responsibility Skill Set Salary
Network Security Engineer A network security engineer oversees the assets of the organization and offers protection from threats and dangers. The job focuses on quality control and stretches out to designing and building robust systems that assist the company in analyzing and understanding cyber threats. Organisational, communication and technical skills. INR 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.
Cyber Security Analyst Overseeing and protecting information systems, digital access and modifying security controls. The CSA also manages intrusion detection and serves as a guide to future employees. Technical and leadership skills. INR 5 to 6 lakhs per annum.
Security Architect Designing the computer and network security architecture for an organization and developing security elements In-depth knowledge of technology and information. INR 17-22 lakhs per annum.
Cyber Security Manager Strategizing the enhancement of Internet and network security and managing a group of IT professionals to achieve the highest standards of data security. Deep knowledge of changing IT trends and upskilled cybersecurity training. INR 12 lakhs per annum
Chief Information Security Officer Managing operations to safeguard the organization’s operational assets along with overseeing the operations of the IT department. The instinct to mitigate security risks and devise appropriate controls. INR 23 Lakh per annum.

Cyber Security is thus a very popular career option these days. Numerous private to government companies employ cyber experts to keep the data, intellectual assets and their websites safe from malicious attempts. So, if you are interested further, use this article as a reference for the future. Also, share this blog with like minded people aspiring to be a cyber expert.

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