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You will be all good morning FM WhatsApp has brought a new update on December 3 v860 which has added some new features like Maint Active Mark and Gas Create Whatsapp Room Saathi on Like Whatsapp, Message Forward Limit of doing that has been increased. Now you can share one message at 215 contacts at a time, you can forward it, in this video, we will try to give you a lot of detail about every feature of FM WhatsApp.

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We will first talk about those features which you will not see in this version, the first feature which is available in the morning is the active route online. Active route means that when you open WhatsApp, then whatever will be online there. There you will activate a green color, which is a very helpful feature of gas.

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Because you will be able to find out who is online in your WhatsApp and who is offline, who is given behind the cow snacks, the payment has gone but according to me, paying here is not a thief at all because the cassette is a third party application. But if you have given the feature here, then talk about it, then click on the answer here, here you will see a payment option from where you can or from where you can pay, after that, you will be paid here. If the option will be seen, then next you will get to see the new feature here, from here you can create a WhatsApp room, here is how to play this option, which you will have to click here, after clicking, here you will get the room The option of the room will be seen on the history of the room, you can connect two to three or four people together on a video call, so I will see the same, there are some other things which have been fixed when we talk about the hidden features given in it.

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I have made an Allred video about him, if you have seen that video then you will get this video There is no need to watch, if you have not seen, then you can watch this video, you will talk about it from the friend of WhatsApp, here you will see the first option, activate the airplane mode, then after that your device Which is your WhatsApp, your internet will be connected, you will not get any message on WhatsApp, you will only have the message on your WhatsApp, you can activate the Airplane mode from here, you can also do it, then after that, you have gone in front of you See what happens from here, what is there in the side, when you are online, now let’s go to 3dot and then here your 3dot is seen, if you click here, you will see an option here by FM mode.

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So if you click on it, here you will see the first option, privacy, and security. After clicking on it, here you will see the first option. What is 3G last stage? When you turn on this setting, then at that time. Your last scene is fresh or not, those who will be respected people will see you. You will see the same last scene when you have done this fridge, after that, you can disable it, after that it has been given, Forward people forward a lot of messages to you, so if you turn on the settings, do not forward any message.

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After that you will find the normal setting, after that, there is an option, if you implement it, then after that you will see the status of anyone, then they will not know that you have seen its status, after that, what will be the index delete, it will delete any status If it does, it will not be deleted on your WhatsApp. If someone messes you up and deletes it after messaging, it will not be deleted from your WhatsApp. If you do a message and send it to you after messaging, then there But you will not see until you reply, after that you can keep it, you cannot apply different themes like you went here and apply to a team and show you, then here we will show this team here But apply to your WhatsApp, then you went here, you will be able to see who was killed by WhatsApp.

Mr. I have changed from here to automatic, after the team went here you get the next option Universal here, where if you click where you went, you can change the color of your WhatsApp border, and here You can also add a photo in the background, if you want to change the status here, then you want to change the updated color from here, then from here you will come after that, then here the media cooks from it, then it’s After all, whatever happens to you, you will not be saved in your gallery, here you can, if you want to see it here, then you want to see it according to your own, we have kept Everstyle in your chat, etc.

If you get to see this, then there are many that have been done in this way, you will have to see it once by yourself. Next Instagram likes, then your status will be here, you will get to see it like Instagram Stories, this group meets different from the group, then you You can do it or else after that you can set your name here, then you can check it according to your own and after that, You can ask if you are not here and after that, you can change how much you want to navigate, if you adopt this message, then the profile that you will get will be seen in the wallpaper after that you went You can hide the name of the contact, if you are reading someone’s message, if you want his name to be gold there, then you can Naval it from where his name will be automatically removed from there. The next option here is by doing FMWA, so if you click on it, then from there you will change the background of your WhatsApp and so, from here also you can change the background of WhatsApp, etc. You liked the video.

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