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The whole country shook at that time out of good 11 not 12 members in the house, one of whom had died of a heart attack inside the hospital after 22 days or else the 11 pipes on the wall of the house were not for ventilation but the world of spirits. There was a way to go in the world, just some such information which was hidden from us even after 3 years till date, more terrible and serving thing I have neither heard nor gives in my life till date, go ahead in the video before that Small warning This series and this video are not for weak hearted people at all, some photos will go, there will be some things which can have a great effect on the mind, so please proceed with a lot of understanding, what was the end of this question reached From 2018 till today, we will be able to find the answer to this question that has been engraved in the minds of the people of the whole country, as soon as the door of the room is opened, 11 people are hanging from the noose in front, thinking that it is many times more frightening than that.

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In real life, if you hear the things seen in the eyes of the people associated with him, then you reach inside that death room. A jam has been given, like a bank branch, I could not stop myself and I saw that video I am telling the truth, I had heard about death till today but after watching that video of 1:30 minutes, I died Didn’t think how it would look, look normal when we talk about a documentary, we already ask that it will be boring, it will not be fun at all, but it is old things, death is a suicide, it has its own questions, to whom it is The maze gives 11 iron railings on the gate in the house from 2007 to 2018 for 11 years of diary writing and after the death of these people, total 11 diaries are also received from the house, the presence of 11 kg in the house that too only two or three 1157 in the rooms are folded and the women point towards the men, at the same time make interesting Nothing was known and the people telling these stories, some police officer or news reporter himself is Lalit’s best friend.

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Along with this, he has given life in reality, every word that comes out of his mouth gives goosebumps, was engaged in the bonus, the pass of every single number of the family is completely recorded, what was going on in his mind, how was the normal life Everything is shown, it is only the effect of writing the net, in making it n22 in 3 episodes you will do its serial HD Drone shot to reset the crime scene of entire Delhi, all this is quite an impression Police officer media associated with Burari case Finding the reporter has to run the interview together with what is written in the diary, which one is to be read and heard, the voice given to that diary crosses the body completely, there is a creepy voice, whatever the dangerous narration style Looks like this alone is enough to blow the night’s sleep, there is a doubt, you will die from inside, to discuss your thought with someone else and the most important thing is to get the truth of this Burari case one and English key We all need this show then definitely watch this show from just 3 episodes it will end in 40 45 minutes if your If you have followed, then definitely do not take his mistake at all.

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