In BJP’s Kolkata rally, man caught with loaded firearm issued in Jammu & Kashmir; personal security guard, claims BJP

A 46-year-old man was caught with a loaded pistol by the Howrah Police during the rally taken out by Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday for their Nabanna abhijan programme.

Balbindar Singh (46) – a resident of Bhatinda in Punjab – was caught by the Howrah police during the clashes between the BJP supporters, leaders and the police, and was arrested. He was caught with a “loaded pistol”, according to Howrah police from the Howrah Maidan area. Balbindar Singh is said to be moving around with Priyangshu Pandey, who is close to Barrackpore MP from the BJP, Arjun Singh.

Arjun Singh did not deny that he is close to Pandey. “Of course I know Priyangshu Pandey, he is a BJP leader, and Balbindar Singh is his personal security guard,” said Arjun Singh to The Bengal Story.

However, according to senior officials of the state police, following inquiries, it was revealed that the firearm was issued by the district magistrate of Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir “with area validity as ‘District Rajouri’”. Other details reveal that the firearm cannot be carried anywhere beyond Rajouri district, and it becomes “illegal” if carried beyond the jurisdiction of the area where it is permitted to be carried. According to an official, “It’s an illegal arm in West Bengal or any other state including J&K except Rajouri district.”

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