Jackpot Result Today 16.2.2021: Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result Updated

Kerala jackpot lottery results today for 16.02.2021 are out now. Get jackpot lottery results and winning numbers for February 16 here.

The new lottery Jackpot comes in Kerala state. The lottery is now selling like hotcakes in the Kerala market. Peoples of Kerala now can buy jackpot today tickets from anywhere in Kerala jackpot outlets. 13 states in India are allowed to host or sell legal lotteries Kerala is one of them. Still, govt has not disclosed Jackpot is legal or not. Here in this article, you can see jackpot today’s results of 16.2.2021.

Loto- 10:30 AM: 996, 96

Jackpot- 11:30 AM: 578, 78

Lucky- 12:30 PM: 592, 92

Queen -1:30 PM: 983, 83

King – 3:30 PM:  037,37

Star – 5:30 PM:

Jackpot – 6:30 PM:

Loto – 7:30 PM:

Jackpot Results today details – February 16

Jackpot today’s draw number is 147th. Jackpot lottery draw done daily 8 times. 1st winner will get 10000/- rupees and 2nd winner will get 1000/- rupees. Here are the full list timings with the jackpot lottery name.

  1. Loto- 10:30 AM 
  2. Jackpot- 11:30 AM 
  3. Lucky- 12:30 PM
  4. Queen -1:30 PM
  5. King – 3:30 PM
  6. Star – 5:30 PM
  7. Jackpot – 6:30 PM
  8. Loto – 7:30 PM

Prizes to be won in Jackpot result today are varied. This game works on guessing a number by the participant. Also, the winning amount can vary from player to player. One Satta Matka can have multiple people guessing and the correct guess wins all the amount in one league. The game can be started with a certain amount at hand. Jackpot result today results have multiple winners. Some Jackpot result today results have four Bazi in league winners and some have eight Bazi in league winners. The winner of the game is called the ‘King’. However, there are a few more winners who are granted consolation prizes. Along with the Jackpot result today, there are few other authorized games in the region, such as the Kalyan and Worli Matka games. For result updates visit the official website i.e https://www.jackpotin.com/

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