Krishnanagar Collegiate School will celebrate its 175th glorious year

The colors of festivals never seem to fade from the Krishnanagar Collegiate School. Even in the middle of the Corona epidemic, this prestigious institute has sustained all its heritage and glory. Founded in 1846, this school was under British rule for 101 years. And now the Headmaster Dr. Manoranjan Biswas and alumni decided to celebrate the school’s 175th anniversary. Everyone from former students to current students of the school and teachers can’t wait to be a part of this historic moment.

The headmaster of the school and the teachers’ congregation has already begun pre-programs of the grand celebration. The students from the alumni and the current teachers are already gathering all the former students and teachers from home and abroad. Shri Vivekananda Sen, a former teacher said, “This initiative is very constructive and urgent in this situation. The school’s current youngsters are providing extra oxygen for this joyous festival.” Mrs. Subarna Sarkar, Sunil Kumar Jana, and Anindya Chatterjee, the present teachers of the school are planning this whole thing.

Mr. Akash Deep Ghosh said, “Through Facebook Live Online, we are trying to bring all the alumni and current students of the school together and reach out to them before the 175th-anniversary celebrations. We have created the School Co-ordination WhatsApp Group Where representatives of 38 batches of alumni have been added “. Dr. Sushovan Adhikari, a professor of Visva-Bharati Arts Department, will also go live on the school’s Facebook page. Mr. Shatanik Modak and eminent photojournalist Shri Sudip Bhattacharya will be in charge of the art gallery and photo competition. A commemorative book will also be published to know and understand the history of this institute, said the headmaster of the school, Dr. Biswas.

The institute will celebrate its 175th glorious year on the eve of 2021. “Krishnanagar Collegiate School is not just a name, it is an emotion, an authentic document of history.”, said Mr. Anup Biswas, another alumnus in charge of broadcasting all these activities of the school.

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