Lottery Sambad 23 January Nagaland State 8 PM Dear Lottery Result

Nagaland state lottery sambad 'Dear Ostrich Evening' 8 pm result updated

Nowadays lottery sambad from West Bengal is being too much popular in West Bengal after the lockdown. It’s the best popular in Kolkata city, because of lack of people jobs and other things. Lottery sambad is a play where you could be crorepati in just a matter of seconds and you don’t have to invest or think about spending lots of money. You could be crorepati in just 30 rupees of tickets, yes you heard it right the first prize is 1 crore. There are lots of more prizes also if your luck is not good and you are failed to archive the first prize don’t be sad there are lots of more lottery sambad prizes.

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23 January 2021 Lottery Sambad Result Details

Today all the draws will be from Nagaland state lotteries lottery sambad. The first play will be held at 11:55 am, and the printed ticket name is on Saturday ‘Dear Kosai Morning’, 2nd lottery on 4 pm name is ‘Dear Mars Saturday’, the last lottery of the day at 8 pm name is ‘Dear Ostrich Evening’. All the draw tickets first prize is 1 crore and ticket prices remain same 30rs.

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Today Lottery Sambad Prize Structure

If you win today’s lottery sambad, you will get the first prize of one crore rupees. It used to be 50 lakhs but now it has been increased to 1 crore. There is also a second, third, fourth, fifth, and a special consolation prize. The second prize is Rs 9,000 and the third is Rs 500, the fourth and fifth are Rs 250 and Rs 120 respectively and the special prize is Rs 1,000.

How To Get Lottery Sambad Winning prize

First of all congratulations, you won because you are a very lucky man among those, so at first, you have to keep at the safe side the ticket and then go to the shop where you have bought the Sikkim state lottery tickets and transfer them to the ticket you will get the prize money but make sure you are transferring the ticket to the authentic person. Also, you can go to the official website and download a form and there have you can submit the form and you can get your prize money. It is too easy to get lotterysambad prize money.

Sikkim and Nagaland after Buying Lottery Important Notes

After you have bought it from any store in your locality then you have to keep it safe until the draw result comes. After the draw, the result lives on our website and you thoroughly check that your number not on the list then you can throw it in your dustbin or do what you want. But If you are lucky and your lottery ticket has its own Dhankesari prize then you can go to the shop safely or you can go to the official website and fill the form after some time you will get your prize money.

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