Lottery Sambad 3.1.2021: Dear Lottery Sikkim Nagaland Result

Dear lottery sambad results for Sikkim and Nagaland are out now, the draw timings are 11:55 am 4 pm and 8 pm. Sikkim state lotteries and Nagaland state lotteries are owned by respective state govt, so you can play without any hesitation, the play is fully fair and definitely legal. The dear lottery live draw is fully transparent, you can watch on youtube live that your ticket number is winning or not. After the draw has done within 10minits the result in pdf format, we will upload it to our website.

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Lottery Sambad 3.1.2021 Dear Draw Names and Timings:

Dear lotteries are played 3times in a day, Their is no week off. Timings are 11:55 am, 4 pm, 8 pm, 11:55, and 4 pm timings are for Sikkim state lotteries and 8 pm timing are for Nagaland state lotteries. Today lottery sambad draw from Sikkim state lotteries at 11:55 am name is ‘Dear Love Morning’, and the 4 pm lottery draw name is ‘Dear Jupiter Sunday’. And the last lottery draw for the day from Nagaland state lotteries at nigh 8 pm name is ‘Dear Hawk Evening’. Among those, the Nagaland lottery is most popular, after the West Bengal state lottery shut down Sikkim lottery also becoming popular and giving a cut to cut the fight to Nagaland state lottery.


Nagaland and Sikkim Lottery Sambad Winning Prize Details:

The winning prize of these 2 lotteries is the same, 1st prize is 1crore. Nagaland state lotteries first started 1crore prize amount, then it becomes too much popular than after sometime Sikkim lotteries also introduced 1crore prize amount from 50lacks. There is also a second, third, fourth, fifth, and a special consolation prize. The second prize is Rs 9,000 and the third is Rs 500, the fourth and fifth are Rs 250 and Rs 120 respectively and the special prize is Rs 1,000.

Lottery Results: Important points to know

After buying keep it safe because this ticket can change your life, wait for the draw done, and check the lottery sambad result on our website.

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