Lottery Sambad Sikkim 23.12.2020 11:55 AM Dear Result

Sikkim lottery sambad is now very popular in Kolkata, Sikkim lottery result now published at the time of 11:55 am. you can see the dear result or you can download the pdf by scrolling down. As you know Sikkim lottery played only one time in a day so there result will publish only one time in a day after the played over. It usually takes 15-20 minutes after the play is over so be patient the dear lottery result will publish as soon as possible after the play over. We are the fastest lottery sambad updating website.

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Lottery Sambad Result Download PDF

Sikkim Lottery is played over 13 states in India, and in all the states have been popular. They are extremely popular in West Bengal so its tickets are sold very quickly if you need the ticket so you have to buy tickets as soon as possible. If you buy Sikkim lottery tickets then the possibility of winning is also going to increase because the first money is 1crore.

Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM Dear Result
Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM Dear Result

Sikkim State Today Lottery Sambad Details

Today in Sikkim lottery sambad there are a total of 2 times this State Lottery will be played today, one at 11:55 AM, and one at 4 PM. In the case of these two games, you will get the results online shortly after the end of the game. Today’s first game from the Sikkim State Lottery is “Dear Cherished Morning” at 11:55 AM. The results of this Dear Lottery come out shortly after the end of the game, so you can come and see it on our website after leaving. The second game from today’s Sikkim State Lottery is “Dear Mercury Wednesday”.

Today Lottery Sambad Prize Structure

If you win today’s lottery sambad, you will get the first prize of one crore rupees. It used to be 50 lakhs but now it has been increased to 1 crore. There is also a second, third, fourth, fifth, and a special consolation prize. The second prize is Rs 9,000 and the third is Rs 500, the fourth and fifth are Rs 250 and Rs 120 respectively and the special prize is Rs 1,000.

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