Lottery Sambad Today Result 15.4.2021: Nagaland 4 PM Result LIVE (Updated)

In India, everyone needs money here comes the lottery sambad play to solve the money problem. The dear lottery gives you the opportunity to win a 1 crore rupee. If you need this amount of huge money then you have to play this game at 11:55 am 4 pm and 8 pm.

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Lottery sambad play is held in 13 different states. And the most popular over it is Nagaland state lotteries. This lottery gives you the most opportunity to win the maximum prize money.

That’s why the Nagaland state lottery sambad becomes so much popular after launched suddenly. People say Nagaland is our god. They give us the money to become rich. West Bengal state govt says Nagaland state is good in behavior so they give a thumbs us to their lottery sambad.

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Nagaland lottery sambad play will be held directly from Kohima city. You can watch it live on our website and enjoy it. The Nagaland state lottery playtime is in the morning, day, and night. Buyers are always trying to invest on every time.

Yes, you can play every day every time but there is a luck factor. So we suggest if today is not your day skip it don’t waste your money here. There are some people who spent their daily income on this so be careful.

Nagaland State 15.4.2021 Today Lottery Sambad Details

Today in Nagaland lottery sambad there are a total of 2 times this State Lottery will be played today, one at 11:55 AM, and one at 4 PM. In the case of these two games, you will get the results online shortly after the end of the game. Today’s first game from the Nagaland State Lottery is “Dear Cherished Morning” at 11:55 AM. The results of this Dear Lottery come out shortly after the end of the game, so you can come and see it on our website after leaving. The second game from today’s Nagaland State Lottery is “Dear Mercury Wednesday”.

Today Lottery Sambad Prize Structure

If you win today’s lottery sambad, you will get the first prize of one crore rupees. It used to be 50 lakhs but now it has been increased to 1 crore. There is also a second, third, fourth, fifth, and a special consolation prize. The second prize is Rs 9,000 and the third is Rs 500, the fourth and fifth are Rs 250 and Rs 120 respectively and the special prize is Rs 1,000.

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