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Mare of Easttown Episodes Full Web series Download link: Famous piracy website leaked Mare of Easttown episode 1 download link. Today I’m going to be reviewing the new HBO limited series Mare of Easttown which stars Kate Winslet, guy pierces Evan peters jeans smart as it centers around k Winslet’s character mayor who is a detective in a small Pennsylvania town, who is investigating a local murder while also trying to make sure that her life doesn’t spiral out of control at the same time.

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I’ll tell you what I enjoyed about this series what I didn’t like about this series, and is it worth your time watching Mare of Easttown as new episodes and the premiere happens on Sundays at 10 p.m eastern standard time the first episode is premiering this evening so let’s get into what I enjoyed about the series. Kate Winslet is such a phenomenal actress and she literally draws you into any character that she portrays on screen, and this is still the same to say for her character mare on this series a mirror is a rough around the edges, local detective, you can tell she’s seen a lot of things been through a lot of personal things that really help us lead to kind of her I don’t really care attitude that she has not only for family members but also too for our own personal well-being.

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I think that kate winslet’s performance keeps you gravitated to really trying to connect with mare trying to understand not only who mare is as a detective, but why is she this way as a person at the same time as you begin to see some of the family secrets revealed to really understand some of her
relationships especially between her and her mother played by gene smart who is absolutely fantastic.

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But also too as we get to learn more about the family dynamic the breakdown of her marriage with her ex-husband and also some of the issues that she has surrounded her relationships with her children. What Mare of Easttown does so well is it really keeps you invested in what is happening with her character I found myself even more invested necessarily in the family drama aspect instead of just really this mystery of this murder that she’s trying to investigate.

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I become you become attached to her family you want to know what’s happening with not only her but her kids some of her friends and family I think that’s what made me like the Mare of Easttown so much, I cared about the secondary characters some that might not be as integral to the overall plot of the story but there’s as we get to learn more about this town as we uncover a lot of the secrets that are hidden within the town, but also to a lot of the family seekers that are happening in each of these
different households that we’re introduced to that’s what kept me tuning in or watching every single episode back to back to back.

But also too for those of you who love a good murder mystery, the murder mystery is satisfying as well. Honestly while watching these episodes the mayor of east town it kind of reminded me of
another limited series that I enjoy um the undoing. Some of the episodes in on this cliffhanger where you’re just like what you did not give me this information just had the audacity to end the episode, I found myself getting this cliffhanger like I need to watch the next episode now just like the undoing, but I do want to set expectations that the Mare of Easttown doesn’t have the theatrics that the undoing had but it does have enough compelling information to keep the audience wanting to tune in week after week after week of the seven-episode series.

The murder mystery in itself trying to figure out who did it, I didn’t feel as though that it was as
obvious um as we do find in some shows like this where we like okay I already know this person is totally responsible you can end the whole series now I already know who did it I found myself even though i felt we were going treading down familiar territory they did do a really great job of keeping the audience on his toes keeping you second-guessing yourself like no this is too obvious it has to be
someone else i do think that from that aspect a lot of audiences will really enjoy the murder mystery aspect of it.

Now even though I have a lot of things that I love about Mare of Easttown i do have two pain points in this series and it really comes with guy pierces character um and even peters character as well.
so even peters is a detective who basically ends up joining mare on this investigation to try to help
them figure out who this murderer is now even petered I love him as an actor I love the roles that he plays but i don’t know if this is necessarily a miscast or if I want to lay this more so on that it’s he’s an underly utilized character now Evan peters is in an is does get a lot of screen time but I just felt as though there’s nothing that’s really done with the character to make them feel like they’re necessary but also to really help Evan peters display the phenomenal acting skills that he
possesses as an actor.

I don’t know if it felt more so like a miscast for me just because we are typically used to seeing him in more aggressive or very dark and twisty roles but for me, I just felt as though I was like it even peters he deserves so much more than this but it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand why Evan peters signed on you get to work with guy pierce jean smart kate one slit it totally makes sense why
he would want to sign on but I did feel as though it did not only him but the audience the disservice
of not utilizing his character in a more enjoyable way or giving him a little bit more meat to handle throughout the course of the series.

Also to that will be the same with guy pierce’s character as well in the series who plays a writer that comes in contact with mayor potential love interest as well i just felt like there’s more that they
could do with his character is freaking guy pierce I do just i just felt a little disappointed with some of this monster talent that they had throughout the series. I felt that a lot of characters didn’t get that much to do and really didn’t get to utilize their talents of why they’re so fantastic and why the ensemble of Mare of Easttown is just such a fantastic ensemble.

But overall for me even outside of those two issues that I had with the series i had a really fun time watching Mare of Easttown it’s a murder mystery worth watching every single episode as we get through the twists and turns but also too as we get to learn more about who mare is as a person and I would definitely tell you guys that it’s worth the watch and just make sure that you keep tuning
in each week there will be new episodes of Mare of Easttown the first episode premieres tonight at 10 pm eastern standard time and it will be a seven episode series. But those are my thoughts on maravi’s town as always my name is shirana from payroll weights.

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