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It was night blindfolded at 12:00 in the dark dark darkness, if you are left in the middle of the forest and the other player is just one to catch, you will enjoy it, not to give something like bean to bean, Hotstar 2021 November Story has been launched. There are two things in the market that every person gives.

He was educated in school and in the face of an angry father, just become the villain and become the hero, he will need it the most to understand correctly. The one who has the power to reverse the mind in your real-life despite not being overly challenged, after listening to this Ravi of mine, you will not be able to stop yourself from watching this show, you will have to sacrifice them tonight.

Guru is the greatest good. Who does not know Tamil, which you will find in Hindi dubbing too? All the title tension is over. The story is very fond of writing. Only two people think about killing others and the second number comes computer engineer who solves the police case. I help in pulling the hands of law a little longer, have become the victim of Papa’s dangerous disease.

Has felt how he will have a forgetting disease, so the man has made up his mind on the wall of the house, which has written all the memories, but the twist in the show comes when the crime starts coming out of the writer’s book and into real life.

There are 2 cases that have rocked the whole city from the police. The first is the body of a dead body of a woman found in a lonely house in a closed house for many years is the devil on the body, someone is engaged in the whole body on the system. It is done by a cyber robber who has been hacked. What happened is a police report, which is as difficult as finding a needle in the middle of the desert. Let me give you a small thing.

In both the above cases one thing in common is your beloved Anu because the house where the murder took place belongs to Anu’s father and in the second case, where the computer is hacked, who is the computer engineer in that office, you know, hello sets the dream with open eyes and then he is a stranger There is also a friend who is not visible to anyone else in the world, but he believes everything he says, now speak up or After listening to the knowledge of who can be a psycho killer who shines the dead body from the tree, somewhere the writer Babu is lost in consciousness and does not underestimate, Madam stole the police case from the computer in a hurry to complete Papa’s body He made his father’s story Sony, but he did not notice such a thing, otherwise why was he named Number Sorry, I kept a clever call about it, you know why you will get a big shock, in the first episode.

Both the questions and their answers are put before you, it has been 2 years for the heart, but the mind knows that it is a deception of Writer Babu, while the truth is far away from the eyes. After the second story starts and their work is to connect these two, my friend the writer of this show recognizes your thinking very well, whatever you think it will not happen at all. PC Artistry has a connection to background music. Showing 2 red colors on screen does not create any 2 murder mysteries for him.

A need is a haunting and intense music sleeper November Chhori who has forced his heart to do business, November Chhori has done a job, go to see the trailer of November soon after this video, what did I say on YouTube Will understand that yes, just in between I would mind that I secretly sleep for five 10 minutes because the story will slow down a bit, but the one who sleeps, the one who wakes up, will find the decision you make yourself sitting in these short India- If you want to see the creativity of sitting Hollywood level, then please make a scene tonight, brother, you are Hotstar and together with a hot cup of tea perfect girl.

For me, I made a mistake by connecting parleys to each other for a mistake. All the actresses who have been engaged for 1 year for crafty writing to shake their mind, are sure to have effortless and strong performance, but everyone has got equal say that to be judged with talent, I would like to give open and end of the half and will stop simple TV.

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