Opposition’s “Jai Shree Ram” slogans in the Assembly interrupts Bengal Budget

No Governor's speech prior to the Budget leads to chaos.

There was chaos in the West Bengal State Assembly as chief minister Mamata Banerjee prepared to present the Bengal Budget 2021-22 on Friday.

Just as Banerjee started reading the Budget, three to four BJP MLAs, including Manoj Tigga, started protesting. The Governor had cleared the formal proposal by the Chief Minister to present the Budget instead of state finance minister Amit Mitra as he is unwell. However, there was no speech by the Governor this time prior to the budget presentation. The BJP MLAs were protesting this.

They went down to the well of the Assembly and prevented the Chief Minister from reading the Budget, delaying the announcement. After protesting for a while, the BJP MLAs walked out of the Assembly hall with the slogan “Jai Shree Ram”.

The shouting upset Speaker Biman Banerjee. He requested the MLAs to leave or stay quiet and said he did not want to take any harsh step against them.

The Left Front and the Congress earlier boycotted the Budget session protesting the absence of the Governor’s speech.

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