Over 60% street foods in Kolkata safe and hygienic: Survey

A recent survey has revealed that over 60 per cent of Kolkata’s street food is safe to consume and proper hygienic practices are followed while preparing them. The survey was carried out for a year after the street food vendors were trained in this respect by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).
The survey was carried out by officials of various renowned agencies conducted under the supervision of health department and prevention of food adulteration department in KMC.
The report of the study was published at a meeting in KMC on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by Deputy Mayor of Kolkata Atin Ghosh and state food safety commissioner Tapan Rudra among others.
The entire city was divided into 12 zones for carrying out the survey. In the survey, 1764 street food vendors spread across 104 streets of the city were studied.
The vendors were tested for food quality and practices after they had been trained. The testing was done on 42 parameters.
Another testing will be done after the vendors are offered a second round of training. The officials plan to conduct the survey twice more in the next six months. The vendors will then be awarded certificates stating the grades of their food, which will be displayed by the respective vendors.

This will help people to assess and choose from the vendors while looking for street food. A competition will also be organised among street food vendors for them to earn certificates. Such competitions are likely to help in improving the standard of street food even more, feel the authorities.

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