Putlocker9 2021: Illegal Full HD Movies Download Online Website

Putlocker9 is the advancement of digital platforms is moving at a fast pace. But is it a boon or bane? While some are enjoying the privilege of online screening, many are being negatively affected by it. The entertainment industry is threatened by online website hijacking content. Plagiarism of the creative input has risked the revenue of big-budget movies. Many such websites copying digital content through online modes have been banned in several countries. Yet the online piracy is continued with substitute websites and different domains.

What is Putlocker9?

Perceived by some as a “reliable website”, Putlocker9 provides pirated movies for free. Used for downloading Hollywood movies as well as watching them online by millions all over the world, it also has TV shows included in its “no-cost package”. Despite its functioning being disabled in many countries, it still runs successfully under alternate URLs and domain addresses.

Similar illegal websites

The business of online piracy is spread over a wide range. Besides Putlocker9, there are numerous other torrent sites like…

Why are illegal sites going ahead of legal platforms?

Everyone loves indulging themselves in binge-watching series and movies. The entertainment never goes out of trend and to provide all the thrills, OTT platforms (Over the top) bring the creative contents available but with a subscription cost. By availing the subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, etc people enjoy different genres of movies of their own taste. The main issue with these platforms is that they are paid sites. The subscriptions aren’t cheap enough while going to theatres is also chargeable.

But with illegal sites Putlocker9, people are getting unlimited content without any cost. Whether it is thriller, sitcoms or romcoms, action or drama, all genres can be enjoyed absolutely free.

Many choose the unethical path if they can get away with it by availing the entertainment through illegal online sites without spending anything.

What pirated content uses as bait

These illegal online platforms (Putlocker9) stream HD qualities free of cost. It is like a shortcut saving both time and money with no effort. There are personalized contents offered by suggesting movies according to the viewers’ interests keeping them engaged in using such sites.

For some people who do not mind treading on the unethical path, it saves money and this is the main reason for the popularity of illegal streaming sites.

Criminal history

There are no reports of any criminal complaints about Putlocker9. Though using the website is also considered illegal but who will complain when it provides free service? The hijackers use multiple domains and have created a huge “fan base” loyal to the website that its networking cannot be stopped due to its large reach.

Big budget movies leaked on Putlocker9

Putlocker9 2020 has a history of having leaked big-budget movies within hours of its release. The infamous website has released highly grossed movies like Pixar’s Onward, My Spy, etc.

Data of Putlocker9’s popularity

An average visitor spends two and a half hours on the site. According to Alexa.com, which provides statistics on websites across various categories, PutLocker9 has a global Alexa Rank of 34,733. The popularity of PutLocker9 has increased over the last 90 days as its Global Alexa Rank changed from 44,489 to 34,946. Alexa internet listed Putlocker as ranking among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide. The streaming is typically fast with BluRay quality including brand new movies and shows.


Estimated worth through the illegal business

According to WorthofWeb.com, a website that provides details on the worth of websites, PutLocker9 has an estimated worth of US $1,016,800. This estimated worth is based on WorthofWeb.com’s automated estimation of the advertising revenue of a website based on its public traffic and ranking data, including data from Alexa.com. Also, PutLocker9 not only affects the movie business by distributing pirated content but according to WorthofWeb.com, it is also estimated to make advertising revenues of US $ 255,960 annually through an estimated 17,079,120 visits per year that browse an estimated 85,336,200 pages per year. Its huge market although illegal is a big threat to the entertainment business. With cyber hijacking increasing day by day, the security of digital content is at high risk. The authenticity of the content is not being valued as viewers are enjoying it in the pirated form.

Disclaimer – The Bengal Story does not promote or conform to piracy in any way. Piracy is a crime and a punishable offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This article seeks to make people aware of the dangers of piracy and to dissuade them from watching pirated movies.

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