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Ray Full Movie Download: Hi guys i am here I’m going to review the latest anthology which dropped on Netflix called ray between you and me and you to say because the first time i saw ray i just went already good samaritan from anything that you would expect uh but enough with the ramming review
okay. So ray of samajlo is a tribute to legendary filmmaker g3 it has been created by shanton mukherjee 2021 also marks his centenary and these are based on stories written
by reid himself almost you know so you’re nearly investing four hours into this the first two hemmed by shirit mukherjee the third one directed by abhishek chobi and the fourth by vasanth jalhitmijari
now i think before i go any further.

I must mentally prepare you for certain then you know that we associate his cinema with a certain kind of humanism minimalistic style and yet complexity of human emotions his command over his craft was incredible um some had this fantastical element surreal there was humor so obviously
that is I’m here to tell you ray is nothing like what you expect it to be which can be both a good
and a bad thing for some the purest it could just prove to be too much this way no way.

But i think it’s really cool that these three filmmakers choose to interpret ray in their own way
fearlessly without any baggage punches so they’ve gone the whole way up you know it’s so easy to know of this legendary filmmaker and do what is expected of you but sometimes you want someone to shake things up a bit or go coffee yeah take for example srijit mukherjee now
shirin started his career with autographs which was a tribute to rey’s nile more recently made failure
and here with the two films he has taken rain to a completely dark zone, it’s a revenge drama the first
story forget me not based he is a makeup artist okay so deals with masks and makeup and prosthetics so he’s able to give himself a new identity each time a creator a god complex set but where does that take him too.

So these two films are of course completely in that dark zone now coming to the third film which is my favorite directed by abhishek he has made hangar based on bombings that happen here the screenplays by niren bhatt but it also has support elements that we generally associate
with i would never have thought that the man who made marth will ever be associated with anything to do with the rape but true to his style he’s made this wacky crazy film called spotlight based on the story by the same name.

When a big Bollywood star comes face to face with a religious leader also it forces us to think about
what does it mean to be constantly living under the spotlight it’s not draining or supply also this one become a victim of one’s own image who plays this big star vikram creatively satisfied manager such an interesting role and in typical versa style you’ll see these little references, okay these little touches still enjoy like the way he pays tribute to ray so this is wacky crazy but you can’t
help i would say it’s a mixed bag some stories work for me some didn’t but overall I think it’s really interesting to see the way filmmakers are pushing down will happen here I hope you find this review helpful.

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