Rini Ghosh is here to take the audiences by storm with her new film “Pratidwandi”

It was the world of ‘lights, camera, and action’ that inspired her to become an actress. The shiny lights of the world of showbiz attract her. The challenge of maintaining different types of characters encouraged Rini Ghosh to take this route. She is an Actress, screenwriter, blogger, and influencer. She is doing all these things with equal efficiency.

Rini started her career with theatre. In 2015, she worked in a short film named “Shesh Anka” for the first time. After that, she went on and opened her own website called, “Love, Sex and Fashion”. On the opening day of her website, actress Parno Mittra was there. She wrote the storyline for her second film “Pratidwandi”. She even acted in this film alongside Shaswata, Rudranil, Saayoni Ghosh, and Sourav Das. Even in the glamour world, she has maintained her own fashion statement.

Throughout the whole film ‘Pratidwandi’, Rini has made her best effort to put together the perfect costumes for different characters. She has always portraited different aspects of a woman through her writings. They are not simply there to please the audiences, they tell their own stories.

She is also quite active in social media. Being an influencer, she has collaborated with many well-known brands like Myntra, Shein India, Aegte, Sincere Sally (UK), Ikkai Beauty, Vasu Health, Trichup India, Herbal Essence, Missa More Clothing, Upakarma Ayurveda, Oriental Botanics, and so on. And with the upcoming new film “Pratidwandi”, she promises to tell a story, the audiences have never seen before.

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