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Newly released Tamil movie sulthan leaked on tamilrokers to free download. The Sulthan of the released venue is Rashmika Mandandana Lal Nawab Shah and our group action is to see the songs, to see the strong background music is to be heard, the basic is made for entertainment purpose and an entertainment point of you sir mein baat Whatever I do about them, the Sulthan does, yes, you will definitely get to see me, according to me, it will prove to be a good promise for those who like to see meat and action and attention.

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Where he is the lead actor, that is, the hero who tries to stop the balance here, and what difficulties come in between stopping him, from which side change those people, all those things of this whole from While trying to show you the story of Pragya, even if it is a bit old and the treatment has been given by which it has been presented, this story was to a great extent I liked it so much that the same story is set then it seems that We will present a lot of new things from now on, but this does not happen You get to know what is going to happen in the coming scene, one point will come so that you will know that yes it will happen in the climax, after that it is going to happen, then the predictability that it is, you steal here I get to see a lot and the spice that prevails, yet you were tough, according to that if you get another strong strong screenplay of narration, to a large extent it can keep them from holding their story.

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But even then, which is completely opened, which will definitely be realized if you go to see for entertainment, then you will be sorry because we get to see it is amazing and I am telling the truth, the way the interval fight scene gets to see us. There is the BGM and the performance of Karthik along with all the things here, which elevates them, nor could you stop yourself from whistling, you will get to see a lot where you will see a lot of elevation Is it is handled very well, is presented very well and how many mill It is very nice, its dialogue is very good there and it manages to deliver the story in a very good way. Balapura was a great Sulthan, and the connection between those people is so great and he has It has been provided in such a good way, it was a little emotional, tried to work, have not seen a very strong character, often nowadays as many mas masala films are being made, there is the actor who is the lead hero.

It is being written in a very good way, but it is written here in a very weak way, the people of the village are very much afraid that their soul trembles as soon as they hear his name but even when the character of Villain But when Karthikeya comes out, there is nothing so strong and I always say that everyone always says that when a strong Velan is seen, then only a hero is stronger than what he is.

There is a shortage or feel again, as well as an attempt has been made to add milk, then both of them have been in the initial stages. Rashmika Mandanna’s work is quite fun on seeing that the attempt has been made to give a fine, the address is the promise vice here from her last few films, she has done a lot of work, yes her role is very much here as well.

More is not very important, please, the work that is a little decent, apart from this, you will also be seen here and liked their work, you get to see some comedy scenes and some of which are such that you will definitely come to school. Makes a good entertainment film, in spite of the good story of you somewhere, in the case of clean, you are a little weak.

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