Tathagata Roy’s social media post on Kailash Vijayvargiya with a pug shocks many

Roy has been Governor of two states and the Bengal BJP chief earlier.

Tathagata Roy, former Governor of Meghalaya and Tripura, posted photographs of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kailash Vijayavargiya along with a dog in a social media post – leading to shocks and ripples in the party. Roy himself has been a former Bengal BJP chief.

In recent times, he has been critical of the party’s leaders especially after the BJP’s performance in the Assembly elections that Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress won in a landslide victory.

His social media post showed a pug alongside Vijayavargiya, and it was a response to a user wondering why he remained in charge of Bengal after the BJP’s defeat to Trinamool Congress. The post was captioned: “Vodafone again in Bengal” – it was a reference to the pug that featured in advertisements of the mobile phone operator. The user had commented that Vijayavargiya had never been mentioned in post-mortems of the party’s poll performance and that “perhaps his close rapport with top leaders is saving him”.

Roy has, in recent times, criticised Bengal leaders like Vijayavargiya and Dilip Ghosh. “Kailash-Dilip-Shiv-Arvind (KDSA) foursome have dragged names of our respected Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) and Home Minister (Amit Shah) through mud and have sullied the name of the biggest political party in the world… they have distributed tickets to incoming garbage from Trinamool Congress,” Tathagata Roy had tweeted in May, after the Bengal results.

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