The Great Khali INDUCTED into the HALL OF FAME Class 2021, Proud Moment for Indian Wrestling Fans

breaking news the great Khali is going to be inducted into the hall of fame class of 2021. This is some big news for Indian wrestling fans so this is some big and happy news for all the Indians. Batista did pull out but I mean like come on the great Khali being inducted into the hall of fame class of 2021 is the happiest news for Indian wrestling fans.

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According to us, the great Khali is probably the inspiration for many upcoming Indian wrestlers that are actually coming in from India I’m not talking about the descent of the indo-canadian wrestlers and all proper Indian born wrestlers and the great Khali is like he’s giving back to the society he’s giving back to the wrestlers.


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He is training them in cwe if you don’t know what cwe is that’s continental wrestling entertainment
it’s the great Khalis wrestling academy and many of the superstars many of the wrestlers who are from India we are seeing them on WWE they have signed a deal with uh WWE like shanky Singh is there uh is probably the most popular name who comes out even Kavita will also train under great Khali.

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So I mean if you look at great Khali and his career in 2007 he was built as in no not 2007 even before that I guess it was 2006. yes 2006 he was built as this monstrous heel and I was a fan of great
Khali in those days like when he was built as the monstrous heel he was probably one of the better
monster hills in that past decade and yes he did his job as the world champion WWE wanted to enter into the Indian wrestling market.

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they invested in great kali and it paid dividends it really paid dividends, of course, he’s not going to give you the classic weekend and week out matches like what cesaro does now but that was not the point the point was the great kali build him like a monstrous heel and just like he was an unstoppable man I mean nobody could beat him I mean he beat the undertaker.

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clean that is probably one of the biggest achievements in the great college career he beat the
undertaker cleaning at judgment day 2006 and I mean in less than 10 minutes who does that and kudos to the undertaker for taking that loss as well I mean come on like seriously but this had to come.

Someday or the other the great Khali being inducted into the WWE hall of fame 2021 just slightly disappointed that it won’t be in front of the fans but hey hall of fame is a hall of fame you get the ring and you are forever etched into the history books of WWE and no one is going to forget you so
I’m so happy for great colleague congratulations and yeah there are two huge videos coming up in the near future

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