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THEM  a limited anthology series download link has been leaked on Bob Movies. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a truly terrifying horror story THEM is the new Amazon original series that explores horrors on two different fronts and each is equally as disturbing. Black family moves to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood. Where malevolent forces next door and otherworldly threaten to taunt ravage and destroy. Them follows the Emory family over the course of 10 days in their new home, they’ve moved from North Carolina to California to escape the abhorrent racial threats that they were facing.

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When they get to their home they quickly discover that while they may have changed locations the mindsets of those around them aren’t necessarily different than what they had escaped from. The family is experiencing PTSD from their experiences and to further compound the stress of their new neighborhood bigotry there appears to be some sort of force that is tormenting them as well. Oh man
this is a tense show it takes place in the early 1950s and is designed to put you ill at ease almost immediately.

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I love the aesthetics of the show when flashbacks happen to show some of the events that made the
emery’s move, the color tone of the scenes are this orangish brown. when they get to California for the most part the scenes are bright vibrant and crisp in color. The flashbacks are also dirty and gritty while the present is clean and fresh, and I like how the difference is meant to convey a much better way of life but what the story reveals is that even a clean exterior can hide a festering sickness on the inside. Deborah Grinde and Ashley Thomas play lucky and henry emery respectively they give some powerful performances because their characters are made to endure all kinds of taunts and hatred but they have to shove down their hurt and anger because no matter what’s right they’ll be seen as in the wrong.

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This creates a massive level of frustration and allows us to quickly sympathize with. them Allison
pill plays one of the emery’s neighbors and she is kind of the ringleader and instigator for the neighborhood. Her obsession with the emery’s is horrifyingly palpable pill plays this part frighteningly well, I mean so much so that I wanted so many painful and terrible things to happen to her every time that she was on screen. The Emory kids also play their roles wonderfully shahada wright joseph and melody heard play ruby and Gracie. you’ll probably recognize shahada from us she’s got some really great scenes in this one and plays a sad and isolated teenager really well,
and she can hold her own when needed as well.

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I love the display of strength we see when the story calls for it one other addition that I recognized first from his voice was Christopher Heyerdahl, if you’ve ever watched hell on wheels he was the swede he’s playing a character named Epps and his storyline is really dark and twisted which matches the rest of the show perfectly. He comes from a community named eidolon and the meaning of that is crazily eerie eidolon according to the oxford language dictionary is an idealized person or thing or a specter or phantom now so like I said this is horror on two different fronts first it’s what the emery’s face from their neighbor’s co-workers school and even police. They experience hatred coming at them in so many different forms if it just worded it’d be bad but this is taken so much further. the suburban horror of this is played out really well and as the story goes along we get to
see how truly devious it really is.

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There are several layers to what makes this creepy and I like that the show doesn’t lay it all out at the beginning but continues to address as the episodes progress. Another aspect of suburban horror is the isolation that our characters feel this utter loneliness works to push the characters into an even worse mindset than they may already be in it also helps to make the characters more susceptible to the odd imagery and make the experience seem more plausible or at least understandable. Now the other type of horror is a little more along the lines of a traditional supernatural horror story.

It’s not your haunted house or burial ground type of trope the setup is pretty unique and allows for some really creepy imagery. There were several times that I got the chills as things would move in the shadows which also helped play tricks on my mind because I wasn’t sure if I’d actually seen something or if it was just the trick of the light as the story goes along there are times that set up our main characters as unreliable narrators and we get to see so much imagery where some of it is more visions than actually being there that when something shocking happens on-screen I had to take a few moments to try and figure out if it really had happened or if it was just in the imagination of the character.

What I came to realize is that the majority of what we’re shown is really going on and that makes the
story pretty intense. Now one thing I really didn’t like in this is there was a large scene that I think was meant to create a little bit of sympathy for one of the antagonists now was it to make us feel conflicted about them maybe feel slightly bad for wishing terrible things on them now that we know
some of their past for me I wanted them to suffer I found them to be disgusting and in need of painful punishment and I know that’s not very nice of me but that’s how they made me feel so there are 10 episodes in this with each around 40ish minutes give or take and while most of these are tense
disturbing and upsetting.

Episode 5 was filled with just terrible imagery I literally sat with my mouth open as I watched i mean my blood pressure rose my fists were balled up I was getting sick and pissed all at the same time. This episode is made to create a visceral reaction in the audience it really succeeded one of the craziest things about this story is that it only takes place within the course of 10 days for our characters. There is a lot packed into this short time period and the amount of anxiety we along with
the characters experience is just downright crazy. The social commentary contained within this is also really good the obvious commentary first and foremost is on racism but there are also messages in here that are addressing identity isolation obsession greed and all of them that can be tied in with racism message as well.

The psychological horror aspect of this show really works for me too we get to watch people push to the breaking point and we get to see how that affects them both in their minds and by what they see
one character tap dance man is a visual representation of the mental torment happening to one character and while it’s very disturbing it’s also really frightening and engaging the addition of this
character into the story only worked to increase the horror. Now there are some points where justice is served and it did make me happy but honestly, I wanted even more brutality done to the villains
to watch abuse after abuse heaped onto people and have it go unanswered requires some brutal and
painful punishment to begin to reconcile that.

I also think the soundtrack in this helps to enhance the mood and the feeling of the show there are older songs for the most part but some of them in the context of the show take on a different and more disturbing meaning there was also at least one time where a spoken word performance was part of the soundtrack and the words and cadence fits so well with the visuals that were being shown now there wasn’t a small offshoot of the story with a character that felt a little unexplored or maybe even just out of the blue there’s an examination of obsession which could be a good storyline
but ultimately it felt out of place with how they were presenting it on one hand I mean i can see how part of it fit with the story but on the other hand, I’m not sure it matched the rest of the show it’s almost like they wanted to do something bad to a character but didn’t know how to accomplish it
and maintain some of the integrity of the protagonists.

So they had this other event happen don’t get me wrong I’m all for the outcome as it was fitting but that portion just didn’t satisfy as much because it moved away from the central storyline and also could try to elicit some sympathy for another character that was undeserving there’s also a scene towards the end of the show that did have me a bit confused.

There’s a character who I thought was maybe more of a vision for someone but after some events, it’s shown to be more based in reality than the supernatural and I don’t know how this character came to be in the scenario and it would have been good to see the circumstances that put them there. all in all, this was a horrifying and intense watch it kept me fully engaged as well as sickened angry, and filled with anxiety some small portions didn’t work as well for me but on the whole, it was certainly worth my time to binge. There’s sex may be brief nudity a lot of profanity and some absolutely brutal violence including sexual violence.

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