Today Lottery Sambad 9.1.2021 Nagaland Winning Results

Lottery sambad draw from Sikkim and Nagaland state lotteries this day in the hype in all over West Bengal, peoples of Kolkata are in lines to buy lottery tickets. There are 3 plays in one day but peoples are desperately trying to buy the lottery sambad 8 pm tickets. 8 pm lottery sambad is from Nagaland state lotteries.

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Draws from Sikkim lotteries times are 11:55 am and 4 pm. Tickets are sold before this time, and to be sold or returned to the stockist before the draw. Nagaland state lotteries are the most popular lottery. There was also the West Bengal state lottery at 4 pm but due to lack of interest of people and in this competitive zone with Sikkim and Nagaland the west Bengal Banga Lakshmi lottery has been shut down a long time ago.

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8 PM 9.1.2021 Lottery Sambad Nagaland How To Buy

People who prefer online buy for their a disappointing announcement there is no way that you can buy online, you have to go out of your home and search for sellers of the lottery so that you can buy offline. The price of tickets is 6rs for all the state lotteries, But you have to buy a minimum of 5 tickets so your minimum of ticket buying rupees is 30. You can buy much more than that but you cant buy lesser than that.

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How Can Lottery Sambad Give 1 Crore Rupees Prize Money

There play have done in 13 states, too many people play this game but only some of them are winning so that they are getting the money from others and give prize money to winners.

Today 9.1.2021 Dear Lottery Sambad Total Details

Nagaland state lottery draw done is only one time a day at 8 pm, today lottery draw name is ‘Dear Ostrich Evening’ This play done on every Saturday. Today are also two lottery sambad play and those two are from Sikkim.

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