Two more positive Coronavirus cases reported from Delhi and Telangana

Two more positive cases of Coronavirus were detected in the country on Monday – one from Delhi and the other from Telangana. This was announced in an official release by the Union Ministry of Health.
The person from Delhi has a travel history from Italy while the one from Telangana has a travel history from Dubai. Both the patients are being watched closely.
Three persons from Kerala who were the first confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India have recovered and were released from the hospital after they tested negative for the virus.
So far none in West Bengal have tested positive for Coronavirus. However, the state administration is on the alert as the first three confirmed Coronavirus patients landed in Kolkata before travelling to their homes in Kerala.
The number of people who died from Coronavirus has crossed 3,000 globally. It is being suspected that the disease has already spread to over 60 countries affecting over 88,000 people.

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