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A newly released V movie is leaked online on many piracy sites and filmywap. The big release of this weekend was the out and out Telugu action thriller called ‘V’ starring nani and sudeer babu in lead roles directed by mohan krishna indragati. i manage my expectations to be transported to the world they intended to design what I mean by this is that I know the product I am signing up for. A commercial action thriller with two capable stars pitched as nani’s 25th film, i read a comment on one of his interviews that I resonate with completely don’t step in a mani ratnam film with rohit shetty sensibilities hence I was all eyes and ears for the journey of v.

V Movie 1080P Download Link Available on Fimywap

The film focuses on mysterious murders taking place with riddler-like clues supposedly carried out by the mysterious character played by nani and left for the celebrated and capable cop aditya played by sudheer babu. What this leads to is a cat and mouse thriller between a supposed antagonist that loves to challenge his counterpart and a cop who cannot bear his capabilities being questioned. How the story develops into unraveling several truths and motivations forms the crux of the movie v here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the thriller in no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether this movie is worth your time on
amazon prime video or not.

Songs have placement and background music while I am an absolute fan of amit trivedi and his work I have to say that the music of this film is extremely forgettable. While both the romantic tracks are melodious tunes the two-party songs honest to god are extremely cringe-worthy I was just wondering if baby touch me now was a hindi movie song it would have been exponentially trolled online there is a party song that plays near the end of the film also which have lyrics that go body fun kabaddi.

While these party songs were totally avoidable I think it’s the lyrics penned by rama yogya sastri and krishna kant that made it worse. While people are singing praises of the background score of the film composed by thamun, anyone who has seen ratchasana will know very well that the resemblance of its theme is uncanny in moments even identical to the one composed by jibran. While I was listening to the background music I was getting constant flashbacks of christopher.

Commercial thriller tropes while I exactly knew what I was signing up for there are elements of a commercial action thriller that I totally bought and connected with while this brings out the debate whether or not films have to be catered to the particular medium in which they are presented in several moments especially the entry sequences of both nani and sudhir babu i was internally whistling and cheering and envisioning what the atmosphere would have been like in theaters the film visually is spectacularly short and credit goes to cinematographer pg vindha.

Thrillers usually have the tendency of making each frame so dark that the characters and their features are often not captured on camera. In v however each frame is lit with attention to detail to even the trail of smoke with respect to nani’s character, the stylized nature of capturing various moments including especially the hero-like worship of both the stars was like single-screen theater gold.

The ‘V’ movie is surely a must-watch film for all cinema lovers. The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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