Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar is learning Bengali; says wish I could respond to the criticism in the same language

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar said that he is now learning Bengali and hopes that with the sincere effort he is putting in, he will be able to communicate in the language at some point. He was speaking in an interview with Bengali news channel, ABP Ananda.

In the interview, Dhankar – who spoke at length on the role of a Governor and what he himself intends to do over the coming months – said that he often wished that he could respond to the criticism against him, in Bengali. The Governor has been criticised by leaders of the ruling Trinamool Congress for some of his actions, especially by senior ministers Partha Chatterjee and Subrata Mukherjee. “I have not crossed any lakshmanrekha,” he said referring to such allegations made against him, and adding that “I cannot live on rent in my own house.” He said he knew the Constitution and would do full justice to the role a Governor is supposed to play. “I cannot be a tourist here,” he said.

When he went to Jadavpur University to “rescue” Union Minister of State Babul Supriyo (who had been gheraoed by students), or went to Siliguri to attend an administrative meeting, senior Trinamool Congress leaders have attacked the Governor saying he should be aware of the role he is supposed to play.

Jagdeep Dhankar also came under severe criticism when he said that he felt “insulted” at the Durga Puja Carnival as he was not shown on television even for a second and there had been a “blackout” on him. He said it was an insult to the position he held in the state.


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In the interview, the Bengal Governor said however, that whatever he has said so far, have been “reactions” to the critical remarks on him, “for which one cannot and should not remain silent”.

Jagdeep Dhankar said that political opponents in Bengal were suffering in the hands of the police.

He also said that he had not made attempts to speak a word or a sentence in Bengali when he has been requested, because it is better to know the language well enough before one speaks in it. “Sometimes I do feel like responding to the criticism in the same language…” he said.


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