BJP woman leader alleges senior RSS pracharak had a live-in relationship with her after making false promises of marriage; lodges police complaint against four other BJP-RSS leaders

A woman leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from West Bengal has alleged that senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) pracharak Amalendu Chattopadhyay had a live-in relationship with her, which she went ahead with based on his assurance of marriage what has now turned out to be false.

The woman has lodged a complaint on this in Behala woman’s police station on August 31. She lodged a complaint against five senior BJP and RSS leaders from West Bengal, including the BJP state president Dilip Ghosh. Allegations have also been levelled against RSS leader Shiv Prakash for molesting her, attempting to rape and forcibly confining her. Also mentioned in the complaint are names of state BJP leader Subrata Chatterjee and RSS leader Bidyut Mukherjee.

The woman has alleged that Amalendu Chattopadhyay had a live-in relationship with her after making false promises of marriage, and she had three abortions in the past few years. Since she and Chattopadhyay were both associated with the BJP and the RSS, they have often gone on trips outside Kolkata. Also, he was known to her family. When her son had learnt about the relationship, Chattopadhyay assured him too that he would marry his mother.

She had trusted him so much that she gave Chattopadhyay original legal documents of her properties, which continue to remain with the RSS leader.

The woman has mentioned in her complaint that Chattopadhyay was in Delhi on August 5,6,7 and 8 to talk to senior BJP leadership about his interest in working more for the BJP rather than with the RSS. She had accompanied him in the trip. However, she alleged, that Chattopadhyay had stopped communicating with her since their return to Kolkata, other than replying to a message once. She couldn’t contact him since then. And thus, she was compelled to lodge the police complaint on August 31, the woman has mentioned in her complaint to the Behala police station.

The woman’s son has sent a written complaint on Chattopadhyay to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

In addition, the woman also alleged that state BJP president Dilip Ghosh had made passes at her from the time he had taken over in this post in 2015. She was humiliated and insulted when she objected to his moves. She also mentioned that RSS leader Shiv Prakash wanted to visit her home several times. According to the woman, she had objected to it, but Shiv Prakash eventually molested her in a city hotel in 2016 and Ghosh was involved in this conspiracy. She was forcibly confined in a room, her saree was torn, and she was beaten up.

Now, she is being repeatedly threatened by phone calls and messages asking her to withdraw her complaint.

Dilip Ghosh, Amalendu Chattopadhyay and the others mentioned in the complaint were called up for their comments, but they were not available.

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