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Cinema Bandi full movie download leaked online: Hello and welcome to the south in this episode we are going to be talking about praveen kandagala’s Cinema Bandi. It is a small charming little film now I’m going to begin by talking about the subtext on the one side you have a village where there are the usual problems associated with indian villages right for example there are no rains there is no water supply for consistent agriculture.

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And on the other side, you have the fantasy world of cinema where rains are available for something
as frivolous as a rain dance, where you know you have that dance and you have like pipes and hoses and showers that are showering rain on all these people when there are villages that are going dry what if these two worlds came together that is the village with no rains and this fantasy world where everything is available.

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And the plot kicks off when an auto driver named veera babu he gets a camera a big camera big fancy expensive camera left behind by somebody in his auto he looks at it and then he decides that he’s going to make a movie. And we get to the second subtext of this film which is made clear in a scene that plays out on television when an announcer says that indie movies are making it big at the box office right now because of the changing taste of the audience. Actually, if you look at the producers of the sunraj and dk they themselves are with this film entering the indie film

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And what is the idea of an India film it’s that anybody can make a film right why not an auto driver named veera babu. And we get into a comedy-drama along the lines of a harish chandachi factory which detailed the story of dada said valky’s attempts to make India’s first full-length feature film.
Here vera babu is trying to make that village’s first full-length feature film. so Veera babu has to find a hero he has to find a heroine whether they can act or not is a secondary question he has to use an auto for tracking shots he has to use a bullock card for crane shots and in the midst of all this comedy there’s a tinge of pathos because if he calls it venerable says he wants two people to act in his movie those two guys say, well if we act in this movie then we lose our daily wages for today.

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This mix is handled really well by the director and writers and I think the only real problem that i had with Cinema Bandi is that it does not have enough conflict. Everybody is too sweet too nice too
pleasant even the person whose camera who owns the camera that these people are using to shoot the movie that’s a woman that’s an indie filmmaker as well because she’s saved up for five years in order to buy that camera which like in a big production it’d be given to them like that she has saved up for so long and even she after some initial tension gets along with the program and decides
to help everyone.

But the lack of conflict doesn’t mean that the other charms aren’t there i would say that this is a pleasant little film about movie making and its low-key charm is its own reward that’s it for Cinema Bandi.

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