COVID-19 in Bengal: 7,611 new cases in just six days, discharge rate drops to 61.09%

The number of new Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases has now gone up to over 1,200 on an average in the past six days, with 1,435 new cases reported on Monday, July 13.

With such a high number of new cases being reported per day, and the number of discharged patients more or less remaining the same, the discharge rate has gone down to 61.09 per cent now. West Bengal had an impressive, over 66 per cent discharge rate less than two weeks ago.

One of the reasons for the number of new cases reported per day going up is due to the increased number of tests being done across the state – which has gone up from 8,000 per day to between 10,000 and 11,000 or above over the past few weeks, said a state health department official.

On July 12, the number of new cases in the state was 1,560, and on July 11, there were 1,344 new cases. On July 10, the number of new cases on July 10 was 1,198. On July 9, there were 1,088 new cases and another 986 cases were reported on July 8.

In the past 24 hours, the total number of cases in West Bengal has gone up to 31,448, with 956 deaths reported so far (including 24 deaths in the last 24 hours). Currently, there are 11,279 active COVID-19 cases (as on July 13), and the number of samples tested on July 13 was 10,359.