COVID-19: India’s cases over 50 lakh now, 90,123 new cases, 1,290 deaths in a day

The number of COVID-19 cases in India has now reached 50,20,359, with 90,123 new cases reported in a day. The death toll has now reached 82,066 with 1,290 deaths within 24 hours. The number of deaths has been the highest in a day so far.

The recovery rate in the country is now 78.52 per cent – altogether 39,42,360 persons have recovered so far – and the mortality rate is 1.63 per cent. Nearly 83,000 patients have been treated and discharged in the last 24 hours.

Maharashtra has been the worst affected by COVID-19, with 10.7 lakh cases so far.

The Health Ministry has said that over 70 per cent of the deaths have occurred due to co-morbidities. India has been the second-worst hit country after the United States.

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