COVID-19: Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo launches app for virtual tour

Alipore Zoo in Kolkata has launched a mobile phone application to help people take a virtual tour of the zoo without physically visiting the place. The zoo has been closed to public due to the country-wide lockdown to contain Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Despite the heat, Alipore zoo gets regular visitors throughout the year. Therefore, the initiative was taken by the state forest department so that people, especially children, do not miss out on the enjoyment of visiting the zoo.

The app will have names of the inmates and detailed information on them. Tapping on the names will bring up videos and pictures of the corresponding animal or bird. The information will be provided in Bengali and English. The same information will be available in voice-over. According to an official, the idea is to provide the opportunity of learning through fun.

Victoria Memorial and Indian Museum are among the many organisations that offer virtual tours through websites and/or apps.

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