Delhi violence: Arvind Kejriwal faces heat on social media for “inaction”

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has been criticised by Twitter users, including several eminent personalities, over his “inaction” and “late reaction” on Delhi violence.
Congress president Sonia Gandhi asked what the Union Home Minister and Kejriwal were doing since Sunday when the riots broke out. She also wanted to know the number of police personnel deployed in these areas since Sunday, saying it was very clear to the government that the situation was only going to escalate. “Delhi chief minister and the state government were responsible for keeping up the peace and harmony in the state and have failed utterly in that respect,” she said.
She also demanded that the CM must be visible in the affected areas and be in constant communication with the people there.
Former Delhi chief of Congress Ajay Maken suggested a number of steps that Kejriwal should have taken instead of appearing as a “helpless CM”. Maken suggested that the CM should have introduced helplines for people to directly contact him, form area-wise peace committees and not just “sit back blaming others.”
Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap condemned the use of water cannon at the peaceful protesters before the CM’s residence last night and said that the water could have been used to “douse the fire and quell the riots” instead.
Actor Swara Bhaskar tweeted to say that all the CM and his party leaders have been doing about the violence was to tweet and urged them to “do more than tweet.”
Journalist Abhisar Sharma accused him of “opportunistic politics” for not speaking on the matter on Sunday when the violence erupted. Journalist Swati Chaturvedi accused the CM of “cowardice.”
Others have accused him of remaining “silent” over police inaction till Tuesday. On Tuesday the CM told journalists that the police could not do anything to control the situation as they were not getting the requisite orders from their superiors.
Several Twitter users have said that Kejriwal before being elected CM would hold sit-in protests, hunger strikes and call press meets instantly on various issues but was now not seen in violence afflicted areas.

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