Dhankesari Today 10.1.2021 Lottery Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM

Dhankesari lottery result of 10.1.2021 now published. Sikkim and Nagaland state lotteries draw on 11:55 am, 4 am and 8 pm results are on the live dhankesari website. The lottery is played in 13 states in India. It’s playing in every village every city in these 13 states. So that its popularity day by day. Lottery in west Bengal is selling like hotcake. Every day dhankesari tickets are being out of stock.

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Now there are 3 times plays in a day and most important all are from Sikkim and Nagaland state lotteries. Keep in mind west Bengal Banga Lakshmi lottery has been closed don’t know where will it be restarted. So Sikkim plays in this spot that’s why Sikkim plays 2 times in a day. Names are different totally in each game.

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Dhankesari Today 10.1.2021 Lottery Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM
Dhankesari Today 10.1.2021 Lottery Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM

Dhankesari 10.1.2021 Dear Lottery Sunday Names & Timings

Sikkim dear lottery 1st play name is ‘Dear Damodar Morning’ and its playtime will be 11:55 am. In the afternoon another play from the Sikkim lottery name is ‘Dear Jupiter Sunday’ and its playtime is 4 pm. The last play is at night from Nagaland state lotteries at 8 pm and the name of the dhankesari lottery is ‘Dear Hawk Evening’.

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Dhankesari Today 10.1.2021 Important Things to know

And only a few minutes later you will know if you can become a millionaire. If you spend only 30 rupees, then you will get the opportunity to become a millionaire three times a day. 1 Ticket buying rupees is 6 rs so you have to buy 4 more. After you have buyed keep it in a safe location don’t tell everyone that you have bought the ticket and wait to see the result and then your ticket number is in the dhankesari result then congo you are not a poor man anymore you have become the rich man in seconds.

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So here is the important tip for you after winning as always do not tell anyone that you have winned the dhankesari lottery. Be calm and go to the shop or contact the authority so can they will convert your ticket to money. You can take the money in your bank or if the lottery seller has in cash or you need cash you can demand cash. If it’s possible then the seller will definitely give you dhankesari lottery winning money.

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