Filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta, 77, passes away

His most renowned films are Bagh Bahadur, Neem Annapurna, Grihajuddha among others.

Renowned filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta passed away on Thursday morning in his Kolkata residence. He was 77. He was suffering from kidney related issues. Family members said that he was not keeping well for over a year, and had been undergoing dialysis for a long time. His wife found him unresponsive when she tried to wake him up on Thursday morning.

He was born in 1944 in Purulia of West Bengal and was sent to study in Kolkata when he was a teenager. He studied in a school in Howrah district. Dasgupta studied economics at Scottish Church College.

He started his career with a documentary in 1968, The Continent of Love. His first film was Dooratwa, made in 1978. Some of his most renowned films are Neem Annapurna (1979), Grihajuddha (1982), Andhi Gali (1984), Bagh Bahadur (1989), Tahader Katha (1992), Charachar (1993), Lal Darja (1997), Mondo Meyer Upakhyan (2002), Swapner Din (2004), Kaalpurush (2008) and Janala (2009). Urojahaj is his last film, made in 2018.

He has directed several award winning documentaries too. Some of the renowned documentaries include Fishermen of Sunderban, Rhythm of Steel, Contemporary Indian Sculpture and so on.

He received several national and international awards. He received the National Film Award for his films Bagh Bahadur, Charachar, Lal Darja, Mondo Meyer Upakhyan and Kaalpurush (all of these for Best Film Award) and for Uttara and Swapner Din (as Best Director). He was honoured with the lifetime achievement award at the Spain International Film Festival in Madrid in 2018. His films have won several international awards at the Venice Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival and Locarno Film Festival among others.