Fuel prices on the rise for sixth day

Petrol and diesel prices in all four metro cities shot up for the sixth consecutive day, stated the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) website.
Petrol prices increased on Tueday with Mumbai and Kolkata prices at Rs. 83.91 and 79.20 per litre respectively. The per litre petrol price went up to Rs 76.53 in New Delhi and Rs 79.43 in Chennai.
The per litre prices increased by 17 paise in New Delhi and Kolkata while the prices went up by 16 paise and 18 paise in Mumbai and Chennai respectively.
Diesel rate also increased by 16 paise today in Kolkata and New Delhi with per litre diesel selling at Rs. 68.23 and Rs. 70.78  in New Delhi and Kolkata respectively. Chennai had an increase of 18 paise which settled the day’s prices at Rs. 72.03 per litre while per litre diesel prices in Mumbai stood at Rs. 72.40 with an increase of 17 paise per litre.
Globally, oil prices escalated with concerns of potential supply shortage after the workers of Brent crude — a major trading classification of crude oil — planning to go on strike demanding higher wages.

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