GI tag appeal for Malda’s rasakadamba

After Bengal won the claim for GI (geographical indication) tag for roshogolla,  sweet manufacturers in West Bengal’s Malda are now approaching the West Bengal administration to demand a similar “honour” for rasakadamba.

Rasakadamba is made with thick layers of kheer (dry, thickened milk) coated over small sized dry ball made with milk and sugar, with poppy seeds and sugar covering on the outside.  Local sweetsellers say that this is typical of Malda and not available anywhere outside the district. The coveted GI tag can help spread the renown of this unique sweet beyond the borders of the district and may increase the trade.

The GI tag ensures that none other than the authorised users can use the product name. The GI tag also ensures that strict set of guidelines are met with while manufacturing the product in terms of hygiene and quality of ingredients used.

Thus the GI tagging of rasakadamba will ensure that only the highest quality of the sweet is available, but also increase its fame and popularity.

The Malda Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce has thus decided to approach the state food minister.

People from all over West Bengal are known to buy this sweet whenever they are travelling to Malda. It is in huge demand throughout the year, though the main increase in sale increases during the festive season that includes Durga puja, Kali puja and bhai phonta. In winter though, the demand for roshokodombo increases like all sweets of Bengal.

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