In post-COVID-19 scenario, it’s “walk to work” when it comes to buying a new house

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to new concepts in people’s lifestyle in order to adhere to safety and social distancing.

It’s more of online orders, working from home and less of socialising. From hotels to restaurants, booksellers to art galleries – most business models are undergoing major changes all over the world.

But what about buying a new house? It appears that people are more keen to invest in a property close to their workplaces in the post-lockdown situation as the pandemic has made people jittery about moving around.

Major developers such as the Ideal Group, Unitech Group and Merlin Group are coming up with concepts of “walk to home”.

What is Walk to Work?

With unlocking the lockdown initiated by the Central government since June 1, offices have opened with a part of the workforce and many companies are encouraging work from home for only a section of their employees.

For those going to offices, it is a major hassle to find public transport without risking safety. What if it’s possible to stay close to office and walk down the road to office instead of commuting on public transport? Areas like Rajarhat and Salt Lake – adjoining Kolkata – have been evolving because of the growing demands for property due to their proximity to one’s workplace – where a large number of offices are located, especially the IT industry. It is a favourite destination for the aspiring, as the area has good connectivity and amenities offered by the developers.

According to Nakul Himatsingka, Managing Director, Ideal Group, “With Coronavirus posing health risks on a global level, we have seen that people are showing interest in staying at home or staying close to their workplaces so that they can avoid travelling in public transport. Safety and social distancing have become major issues. Salt Lake Sector V is evolving as a potential residential zone due to the increasing demand of the properties because of their proximity towards one’s workplace. I think in the coming days, “Walk to Work” will be the buzzword for professionals when it comes to choosing where to live.”

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