KMC polls: “Let’s be civil in victory”: actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay, “sympathiser of the current dispensation in Bengal”

Trinamool won 134 of the 144 wards in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation polls.

Actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay has said that “vandalising opposition party offices” after an electoral victory should stop. He said this hours after the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal swept the Kolkata civic polls, and added that such violent acts “only blemishes the mandate” .

Chattopadhyay wrote this on a Twitter post where he also mentioned that he was making such a statement “as a sympathiser of the current dispensation in Bengal”. His Twitter post read: “Vandalising opposition party offices, after a resounding electoral victory, needs to stop, now! Even if it’s just one instance! And I’m saying this as a sympathiser of the current dispensation in Bengal. I urge leaders to stop cadres from such acts. It only blemishes the mandate.”

Chattopadhyay was most recently seen in the Netflix series Aranyak. In his social media post, the actor urged Trinamool workers to be “civil in victory”. The remarks come amid allegations of attacks on Opposition parties’ offices and the BJP’s demand to cancel the polls which they claimed were marred by violence.

Chattopadhyay added that similar actions by earlier regimes can’t justify current actions. “Who started it, how many atrocities the previous regime committed, these can’t be excuses. It was horribly wrong then, it’s equally wrong now. Please, let’s be civil in victory, dignified in triumph!”, he said in another tweet.

The ruling party in West Bengal – Trinamool Congress – has won 134 of the 144 wards in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The BJP won three wards and the CPI(M)-led Left Front and the Congress won two each. Independent candidates won three wards.

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