Losing her mother to cancer made this young Nagaland women start an initiative of donating hair for cancer patients 

In a unique initiative earlier this week, around 30 persons in Nagaland’s Dimapur donated their hair for cancer patients. The person behind the effort, 36-year-old Amen Jamir, works as senior supervisor in a medical department. We asked Amen about her unique campaign and what prompted her to start such an initiative.

What motivated you to start  this campaign?

Twelve years back, losing my mother to cancer ignited my zeal to do something for other cancer patients, especially those who lose their hair after undergoing chemotherapy as well as who need blood. Although my mother used to hide her tears from us, I know the feeling of other cancer-affected persons. Many lose confidence and hope. My mother did not lose even a strand of hair, but seeing her in pain for her friends who lost their hair to cancer prompted me to take this up.

What is the level of awareness on cancer in certain backward regions of Nagaland?

A lot of people in Nagaland ignore cancer considering themselves “unfortunate” and “cursed”. They suffer from stigma and self-pity. I want to break this perception and promote that cancer is not a curse, it is a disease which can be cured if diagnosed and treated early.

Who will receive the donated hair?

Having a wig with natural hair is a luxury for the patients; the treatment itself is so expensive. The donated hair will be converted to wigs to donate them to underprivileged chemotherapy patients.

Are there plans to you have plans to do this in a more organised way through NGOs to raise awareness and funds for cancer?

No. We, as individuals have the power to educate and spread awareness without running NGOs. We generally assume we can’t do anything without money or influence. What we need is time and a heart to love and help others. Any person can donate hair without any hesitation to us.

Where else do you want to reach in future and what are your future plans regarding this campaign? 

This is just a beginning of our journey. I want to reach everyone especially the students so that they can help their mothers and other relatives to come out of stigma. It will be much more effective than any commercial support.

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