Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM, 4 PM Sikkim 24 December Today Dear Lottery Result

Today lottery sambad play name is dear precious morning and dear venus Thursday. The play done at 11:55 am and another one at 4 pm. The result will be published on this website after the draw. Draw result will be held after 15 minutes of the play done so wait and refresh the page. This play organized by the Sikkim state lottery govt so there is no vulnerability, you can trust blindly.

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Sikkim State Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM and 4 PM 24 December Draw Details

Sikkim state lottery is extremely popular, its play done in 13 plus states, and mostly it’s popular in West Bengal. In Kolkata also the Sikkim lottery sambad it’s on every person’s face, mostly every people talked about it. Sikkim state lottery plays done 2 times a day. The first play of the Sikkim lottery will be held at 11:55 am and on Thursday the draw name is dear precious morning. The 2nd draw will be held in the evening at 4 pm and the draw’s name is dear venus Thursday.

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The first prize winner gets 1Crore. The second prize winner gets 9000 per ticket. The third prize winner receives rupees 500 per ticket, and the fourth prize winner can take home rupees 250 per ticket. The 5th prize winner gets awarded rupees 120 per ticket. A consolation prize of rupees 1000 per ticket is also granted. The dear precious morning and dear venus Thursday lottery sambad result is announced every Thursday at 11:55 am and another one at 4 pm. The results can be checked on our website.

Lottery Sambad Sikkim Result
Lottery Sambad Sikkim Result

How To Get Lottery Sambad Winning prize

First of all congratulations, you won because you are a very lucky man among those, so at first, you have to keep at the safe side the ticket and then go to the shop where you have bought the Sikkim state lottery tickets and transfer them to the ticket you will get the prize money but make sure you are transferring the ticket to the authentic person. Also, you can go to the official website and download a form and there have you can submit the form and you can get your prize money. It is too easy to get lotterysambad prize money.

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