Over 600 European Union lawmakers move anti-CAA resolutions

The Bharatiya Janata Party-led Central government is facing major embarrassment internationally over the Citizenship Amendment Act and people’s protests against it across the country.

As many as 626 of the 751 members of the European Union parliament have moved six resolutions on the CAA and the clampdown on Jammu and Kashmir, it was reported by NDTV.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to visit Brussels for the India-EU summit in March, and ahead of the meeting, such a resolution is being seen as a huge embarrassment. An NDTV report quoted government sources saying that the citizenship law was a matter “entirely internal to India” and a move that had been achieved “through democratic means” after a debate in both houses of the Parliament.

The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats with 154 members, the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) with 182 members, European United Left and Nordic Green Left with 41 members, Green/European Free Alliance with 75 members, Conservatives and Reformists with 66 members and the Renew Europe Group with 108 members have moved the resolutions.

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