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Today we are going to talk about the State Of Siege Temple Attack released on Zee5 in which Akshaye Khanna is going to be seen in the lead role, there was a type of planning that the complete take was executed and at what time the NSG Commandos day Together, carried out this whole operation and killed the terrorists, you get to see all these things on 1 hour 50 minutes long, after seeing which try to tell that the phone will not disappoint you very much anywhere, yes you can say that and It could have been better there are many such posts which could have been asked in a better way and even then the way you are patient will keep you fully engaged and the connectivity issue you have with them wherever you are You will not be able to see it, you will not get to see it, even before that you have performed on the basis of the terrorist attack, talk about it here and the one thing that keeps going on, then they were done in such a good way in them.

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and walks so to the point that keeps you fully engaged with her. Apart from this, his biggest plus point is that there is one thing that he manages to print very well and in a very complex way and that is the terrorist he has done. We have been attacked from and have been successful in showing all these things to innocent people to whom we belong, then according to me, tears will come in your eyes and some will be like this, you close your eyes, really very It is shown in a painful way and while looking at those things, you will realize that there was an atmosphere of fear and pain among the people who were present at that place, from there you will be able to feel the biggest major drawback that I saw is this Was that the reason for making this 1 hour and 50 minutes longer life, if by giving 20-25 minutes more to this film and some things were shown here in a single TV, then it could have been better insight, meaning when this Kishan had attacks.

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If so, then you all know that it falls at that place, it should fall here in many fields, we will talk about the local police, talk about tea. If you talk about media, it is on the field of the political field, he studies and all my things should have been shown here or else it would have been good because when it is over, you will get to see it or not.

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If you show the experience he did, I think it could have been a little better because if you look at it, it is seen as a straightforward rescue operation, which is not a bad thing, I think it is a very good movie. If the recipe operation is shown, then if you see it, it is said about the cinematography and background music of the playground that the sound that has been done is enough and there is an atmosphere of such tension in which they are successful and they do not.

There have been many such where detectors have been successful to a great extent in creating a lot of tension, after this, Akshay Khanna’s work is very good in terms of performance, apart from this, the supporting actress is also seen. Come in the role of NSG commandos or in the role of terrorists Everyone gets to see very good work in their work, very good dialogue delivery is seen, if we talk about it, it becomes a little more practical, its a fact that we know that one cannot like based on a true incident. What is, shouldn’t have been so much, then it comes but it runs based on the event that it goes to a great extent, a lot of visible tension, a lot of pain people must have felt that you will see and feel it to a great extent and detail Had it been made and presented, it could have proved to be a perfect you, today work is going to review the first contact, with Zee5’s movie State Of Siege Temple Attack video, we will talk about what was good in the movie and what was bad then it To know, watch the video from beginning to end and if you like the video, then like the video, based on the story of the State Of Siege Temple Attack, why the terrorist attacked the Akshardham temple in Gujarat, why did the terrorist attack there, how did people do it. How Mara was taken captive and how did the NSG run the rescue operation here, that’s all friends.

So you get to see in this movie now friends if I will do this movie in one line that the father of the checking done in this movie watch coffee died, his mother died that’s why he became a terrorist. Bullets only and only terrorists feel that allergy jaws are humans too, they also get injured, all this was done or the day before yesterday, in 200 days this movie is quite strong a special I liked it very much, it is very good just from the scene He is very good and has also captured the action sequences very well admins that this time G5 has spent friends, let’s talk apart from acting that Akshaye Khanna delays this movie, from this movie he made his debut inside the brother digital world.

I have done his debut and I liked him very much, which was very sad, he is doing his duty now, you will get to see it, you will love seeing it, you will get this movie right from the plane in many places, you will get the main of it. The reason is that whatever fanatics you get to see here, not only you have to see you inside.

If you meet, it was as if there is no reliance on the scene of the family of the bike commando here, and brother, that thing can create any store emotion inside this movie, friends, lack of returns inside the movie Ishq Lade. You will also get to see a lot and inside this, you had a friendship with the details, I will give this movie seven out of 10 friends, talk about pendu balance, you get to hear some abuses, you get to see blood, the rest inside this movie Nudity adult scenes are not seen.

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