State-run schools in West Bengal to make computer education mandatory from class I

The Mamata Banerjee government will soon introduce mandatory computer education for all children in state-run schools from class I. This will be introduced in the 65,000 state-run schools with four computers for each school.

The decision has been taken by the state government to make children of the state-run schools more aware of technology. Officials acknowledge the importance for these children to learn computer skills in order to cope with the competition created by similar skills acquired by students in private schools.

If a school has 50 students, the authorities will get four computers for their school. Sources said that the government has already started work on the project, and if the number of students is more than 50, the number of computers may be increased as per requirement.

New teachers will also be recruited for teaching computers to the students. There will be additional stress given in teaching subjects like science and geography through computer.

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